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Senior Living vs. Living at Home: Why Seniors Are Choosing Senior Living

As SeniorTV approaches almost 30 years of service for senior living communities across the United States, we have seen a huge culture shift in senior life.  While many senior homes that we first serviced in the early 1990s seemed old and rundown,  the ones that we deal with today are very upbeat and pleasant.

The change in senior living has to do with extreme competition among senior housing for clients.   The more amenities and features that a senior living community offers, the more likely that it will have people who want to live there.  While many seniors are stubborn about leaving their lifelong home, more now than ever are making the shift to moving to senior living.   Here is a list of some of the reasons that people are choosing senior living vs. living at home.

Successful Relationships:   Many widowers who choose to stay at home during their golden years offer suffer from loneliness and boredom as they no longer have their spouse to depend on.  Now more than ever, seniors are moving to senior living and finding new friends and even getting married.   Not since their high school years have seniors been in a large social setting with many people their own age.   Many seniors who eventually join a senior living community will often kick their boredom and start new relationships almost instantly when they join.

Cuts down the Chores:  Let’s face it, hardly anyone likes to do yard work or clean up their house.  This becomes even more of a chore as a person gets older and has less energy and muscle strength to complete these tenuous tasks.   More and more seniors are choosing to leave the yard work behind and join a senior living community where their only work might be sweeping up their room or making their bed.

Good Food:  Much like yard work, cooking on a daily basis is something that most seniors probably don’t want to do as they get older.  More and more senior living centers are hiring professional chefs to create delicious meals on a daily basis for their clients.  In fact, many people who choose a living center will do so on the basis of the food that is served there on a daily basis.

Safety:  We live in a scary world and it becomes even scarier by the day with the craziness that goes on in our world.   More and more desperate criminals are choosing to prey on helpless seniors than ever before.   At a senior living center, crime is almost non-existent and it makes sleeping easier at night when living in a senior community.

Stress Free Environment:  Among the elderly,  stress can lead to major health problems that can sometimes leave a person very sick and/or hospitalized.   The stress of life can be cut down when a person moves to a senior living center as many things that make them stressed out, such as daily chores and cooking, can be done for them.   With a great social environment, many opportunities and the ability to make new friends,  the stress of living life alone can dramatically decrease in the right senior living community.

These are just a few of the many things that we have seen the shift of favoritism in the senior living vs. living at home battle.  As more and more senior living centers pop up each and every day,  more seniors are making the choice to living in these senior living communities for the rest of their life.