The number of older adults using the Internet and other technological gadgets is on the rise over the last 10 years.   According to data from 2012, over half of senior citizens own and can operate a cellular phone.  At SeniorTV we see this as an amazing statistic, as only a decade or so earlier very few people even owned a cellular phone, let alone senior citizens.   As seniors become more tech savvy, they are trying more and more gadgets and technology.  Here are 6 gadgets that we feel all seniors should try.

  1. senior-gadgetsIpads-  Ipads are a close second to the personal computer in popularity when it comes to senior citizens.   Because of their ease of use and the ability to download helpful apps.  Ipads and other knock off brands are a favorite among those in nursing homes.
  2. Tiny Hearing Aids- Hearing aids of the past were very unsightly.  Many senior citizens did not enjoy the stigma or the bulkiness of old hearing aids.   The new generation of hearing aids is small, lightweight and barely visible.   Many seniors love these hearing aids as they improve the quality of life and are barely noticeable.
  3. Health Tracking Apps- Going hand in hand with cellular phones and tablets are health tracking apps that can help seniors keep track of their health.    Covering nearly every possible health factor in a person, these apps are designed by programmers that work close with physicians as their goal is to keep people aware of their health.   Caregivers and loved ones are also able to keep a close eye on the senior in case of an emergency.
  4. Assistive devices- Before the technology boom of the last few years, seniors often needed an extra human around to help them complete simple daily tasks.  With technology, seniors now have a wide variety of ways to help them with daily tasks.   From robotic vacuum cleaners to medication dispensing appliances, there are hundreds of devices on the market to help seniors with daily life tasks that they may not be able to complete.  These senior gadgets are much cheaper now than in the past as more and more companies are competing for the products.
  5. GPS Devices- GPS tracking devices are almost a necessity for seniors that are suffering from dementia,   memory loss or Alzheimer’s as it keeps them from getting lost.    The percentage of seniors with some form of dementia that still operate a motor vehicle is staggering.   The GPS is capable of helping seniors find their way around and will also keep track of familiar addresses that are used.
  6. Home Monitoring Systems-   Home monitoring systems have grown tremendously over the last 10 years thanks to technology.  While the traditional alarm systems of the past were decent, the new ones are state of the art.  CCTV cameras and surveillance equipment has become much cheaper for a home owner and can be a great write off for those who invest in it at their home office or business.

Overall the market for senior’s gadgets 2014 is greater than ever before.   Seniors who have accepted technology now have a number of gadgets to make their lives easier.   SeniorTV is one of the leaders in senior technology across the United States.   If you are interested in learning more about our technology, please give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.