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Senior Citizens Myths: 5 Myths Debunked by SeniorTV

People of a certain age rarely think of another age that they will be until they are very close to their age.  Many younger people often have certain myths and stereotypes that they associate with people who are over 65 (senior citizens).  Much like any other factor of life, senior citizen myths can both be true or false depending on the person.   With that being said, many of these senior citizen myths are rare and do not include most of the population.  Let’s debunk of few of the most common myths about seniors.

  1. Senior Citizens don’t work: While many senior citizens are content with retirement and like to enjoy their well-deserved time off, a huge number of these seniors stay productive well into their golden years.   At SeniorTV we have a great group of senior citizen workers that come in each and every day, these workers are loyal and have been with us from the beginning.  Some are even approaching 100 years old and still come to work regularly!
  2. Senior Citizens have no sex drive: Another senior myth that is far from true, as more and more seniors reported having regular sex than ever before.   Besides the sex, with and without the help of a number of new medications, more widows and older seniors are being married at a later age than ever before.
  3. Senior Citizens Can’t Adapt to Today’s World: While many seniors come from a time of black and white television and oldies music, more and more seniors have hopped on the technological boom than ever before.   As a company, we at SeniorTV have installed more Wi-Fi hotspots and Internet connections over the last 5 years than the previous 20 combined.  Seniors love technology and they are learning at a rapid pace.
  4. Being a Senior Citizen is depressing: Many studies show that being a senior citizen is by far the happiest time of a person’s life.  Not only do senior citizens have the ability to reflect more on their life and enjoy their family, but the seniors of this generation are also equipped with the ability to speak and engage with each other in face to face conversations.   Many seniors feel that the younger generation might not adapt as well as they grew up with electronics and cell phones as their main means of communications and some have very few social skills in certain situations.
  5. Being a Senior Citizen is Lonely: Now so more than ever senior citizens have the ability to reach out and talk to and become friends with others their age.   Nursing homes and other senior care facilities not only encourage “play time” and interaction among guests, but they also have a variety of activities where seniors with common interests can come together and enjoy life.   Besides senior facilities, more and more seniors are finding online communities and groups of interest where they have daily interactions with others in their age group.

There are many senior citizen myths that younger crowds like to think when they picture anyone over the age of 65.  While some seniors do fit these stereotypes, more and more seniors are working, socializing and learning new technology that ever before.

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