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Senior Citizen Sleeping Problems: 5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

One of the biggest issues that can harm senior citizens is the amount of sleep that they get in a day.  Much like children, senior citizens require more rest than younger adults.  Unfortunately, many seniors suffer from a variety of sleep problems, some that can be treated with simple remedies.  SeniorTV takes a look into senior citizen sleeping problems and five things that might help fix these issues.

  1. senior-sleep-issuesBetter Nutrition: One of the main causes of a poor night’s sleep for seniors is their diet.  Many seniors will often make poor choices near bedtime and choose sugary foods that will cause them to stay up way too late.   One way to combat this is to focus more on nutrient rich foods such as fruits and vegetables and lay off packaged foods, especially at night.   Combine the eating of these foods with non-carbonated natural beverages such as milk or tea and you can help yourself get a good night’s rest.
  2. Cut Bad Habits: Many seniors are creatures of habit and find it hard to change bad habits that they have done their whole adult life.   Some of the most common “bad habits” include tobacco and alcohol.    As a young person it is very easy to get away with drinking and smoking on a daily basis as your body has a much better ability to deal with these toxins.   As you age, these start to wear you down and it can be detrimental to not only your health but also you sleep.  While alcohol may help you get to sleep at first, many senior citizens often find themselves waking up several times in the middle of the night from drinking alcohol before bed.   Cutting alcohol or smoking completely is the best alternative, but for those who refuse, we recommend limiting it too early in the day to not hurt your sleep cycle.
  3. Beware of medications: One of the senior citizen sleeping problems is the medications that one is prescribed to take by their doctor.   If you are a senior citizen who takes an excessive amount of medication or one that is on a new medication that interrupts your sleeping cycle, you may want to seek a second opinion or try an alternative option.  Many seniors are avoiding medications all together and searching for natural ways to help them heal some of their issues.
  4. Exercise: Exercise may be the number one thing that senior citizens can do to help them get a good night’s sleep.   More and more senior citizens are lifting weights and choosing to do more strenuous physical activities at an older age.  Many senior homes and living communities are equipped with weight lifting and cardiovascular equipment to help their clients stay in shape and they often will do physical programs such as yoga throughout the week.   If you are new to exercise we recommend getting with a personal trainer or a professional in your area to help you find a program that can fit your needs.

Seek Medical Advice:  More and more senior citizens deal with unnecessary sleep apnea than ever before.   Medical experts have been building better machines to help these people who are having sleep issues.  If you are one of these people who deal with sleep apnea, you should deal with a professional in this area, rather than your regular physician as these professionals can prescribe machines and treatments that can help you fix sleep apnea.