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Senior Citizen Gift Ideas: What to Give Seniors That Already Have Everything

One of the hardest things to do when buying for a senior citizen is to figure out what they want or need for a gift.  Usually by the time someone is a senior citizen they have their life pretty much content and will buy or have everything that they need.   If you are buying for a senior that happens to be in a nursing home or long-term care facility we have many senior citizen gift ideas.   One good thing about technology these days is that many seniors have everything they need, but often don’t know of some of the great things that they can have to enhance their life.   Here is our list of best senior citizen gift ideas.

senior-gift-ideasKeurig Coffee Maker:   Much like the rest of the world, many senior citizens go straight for the coffee maker first thing in the morning.   If we were wagering, we would say that a huge portion of senior citizens brew their coffee the old fashion way with a coffee machine that they fire up every morning.   These are great for home use because they are cheap and make a lot of coffee, but many seniors who live by themselves or with just their spouse often waste a lot of coffee every year because they don’t need a full pot.    A Keurig single cup coffee maker as a gift idea is not only something that will be highly used, but is something that many seniors don’t buy mainly because of the price.   For about $100 or so, this can be a gift that will be used daily and will last a lifetime.

DirecTV Now being a DirecTV authorized dealer for years, we may be quite biased, but we feel that DirecTV has much more to offer than your local cable company.  If you are buying for a sports fan, nothing is better than the wide array of sports packages that DirecTV offers.  While NFL Ticket is by far the biggest seller for DirecTV, there are many other sports packages that are available for people who purchase DirecTV no matter what the sport.   To learn more about what DirecTV packages are available please see their website at

Tablets:   While we are a huge fan of Apple’s iPad, we believe that tablets make among the best senior citizen gift ideas around.  While many seniors are still avoiding technology, almost all of the ones that we have contact with love the iPad.   With no annoying pop up ads or viruses that have lead to the downfall of many PCs, tablets are easy to use and fun.  With hundreds of new “senior friendly” apps coming out each week, the entertainment keeps stepping up a level year after year.  Whether it is games, weather reports,  social media or a senior app, iPads have become a favorite for seniors around the globe.  Check out one of our previous articles on our favorite senior Apps that you can download for free.

Buying for senior citizens can sometimes be a hard task because seniors usually have everything they need.  Fortunately with new technology, many seniors don’t know about all the cool things that they COULD own and how it will make their life better.   These are just a few of the many cool senior gift ideas that can be purchased for your loved one.

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