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Senior Citizen Discount List 2015 – 10 Places Where You Can Save Money

Saving money is important for everyone, but even more important for seniors as they usually get a small portion of what they previously lived off of when they worked.   Fortunately, many organizations cater to senior citizens and give generous discounts for those of us who have reached senior age.   Let’s take a look into SeniorTV’s senior citizen discount top 10 list for 2015.

  1. senior-citizen-discountsBest Senior Citizen All Purpose Card: AARP- With almost an endless list of benefits, the AARP is THE membership to have as a senior.  AARP members save thousands a year by joining as this card is useful in thousands of locations throughout the United States.
  2. Best Senior Citizen Prescription Program: CVS Pharmacy–    Seniors pay an annual fee of $15 for the CVS prescription program and easily gain this money back with deep discounts on prescriptions and savings throughout the year.  If you are a senior that takes regular medications, like most of us are, CVS is definitely a great choice for you to save money while getting the medications that you need.
  3. Best Fast Food Restaurant for Seniors: Burger King-   Burger King has always been kind to seniors and is one of the only large fast food companies that give seniors discounts on a daily basis.   Seniors receive 10% of everything at Burger King and also get additional discounts on coffee and soft drinks.
  4. Best Restaurant Discount for Seniors: Outback Steakhouse-   Not only does Outback Steakhouse offer some of the best steaks around, but it gives great discounts to senior citizens every week.  AARP members enjoy a 15% discount at Outback Steakhouse every Monday thru Thursday for food and non-alcohol orders.
  5. Best Pizza Discount for Seniors– Papa John’s Pizza- Papa John’s gives a generous discount of 25% for all seniors who order online with their “AARP25” code that users enter with their online orders.   This code may be subject to change, so check with your local Papa John’s as they may update the code in the future.
  6. Best Retail Clothes Discount for Seniors– Kohl’s-  Besides the great coupons and super savings days that Kohl’s offers to all customers,  every Wednesday senior citizens can enjoy a 15% discount off their purchases at Kohl’s department stores.
  7. Best Hotel Discount for Seniors– Marriott- With thousands of hotels around the globe, Marriott hotels is our choice for best senior hotel discounts. Offering a 15% discount for seniors who are aged 62 and over, this hotel chain not only offers a great product, but also does so at a great price.
  8. Best Grocery Store Discount for Seniors– Kroger’s- While this varies by location, most Kroger’s grocery stores offer a generous 10% senior citizen discount for customers of their store. Check with your local Kroger’s to see if they offer this discount.
  9. Best Doughnut Discount for Seniors– Dunkin’ Donuts- Dunkin Donuts is another place that is very senior friendly as they offer a free donut for seniors that purchase a large coffee at their store.
  10. Best Ice Cream Discount for Seniors– Ben & Jerry’s- Quite possibly the tastiest ice cream in the world is some of Ben & Jerry’s creations that they have created over the years.   Now senior citizens themselves, Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield offer a 10% discount to all senior citizens who purchase from one of their franchise locations.