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Senior Christmas Gift Ideas for 2015

Are you a family member or a close friend to a senior that lives in a long term care facility or nursing home facility?    If you answered yes, than you have found the right guide on finding a gift for your senior loved one.  As your senior has settled into their new home, many have found that the transition may have been a rough one at first.    Many seniors often move into a long term care facility or nursing home after years of living in a house that they have grown accustomed to.    With that being said, many are relieved to move into their new residence as they often don’t have to deal with the upkeep of a home and yard that came with living at their previous home.

When it comes to senior gift ideas, many seniors often have everything that they need at their new residence and will benefit more from having technologies and other things that can make their day go by better.   With that being said, we at SeniorTV are the authority on senior technology and we have some great senior Christmas gift ideas for 2015.   Here are some of our favorite choices.

Tablets & iPads:  While the iPad is technically a tablet, we grouped separately because we feel that it is the most user friendly and technology friends tablet for seniors.   While those who are looking to spend less can get affordable tablets at a fraction of the cost of Apple’s iPad, we feel that the iPad is the best in this category.  Backed by the Apple, the iPad has a ton of cool “apps” for seniors and also has the ability to browse the Internet, two things that seniors love to do.   Also, these tablets are easy to use and backed by Apple, so there is a huge community for anyone that has trouble learning new technologies.

gift-cards-for-seniorsGift Certificates:  One present that you can never go wrong with, especially when it comes to a cool store that your senior loved one goes to, is a gift certificate.   Many people are now buying seniors gift certificates that they cannot only use for traditional retail stores, but also for online shopping.   Many seniors love using Amazon, Best Buy, Apple and other technology e-commerce sites to purchase cool electronics online, without the hassle of dealing with lines and crowds at the local mall.

Robotic Pets:   One of the most common things that seniors try to do when living in a senior community, is to emulate their life that they had when they living at their home.   Unfortunately, almost no senior living communities allow pets for their clients besides the ones that may be brought around by a local agency.   With this being said, many seniors miss the companionship that pets offer and will often find great joy in having a robotic pet.   Robotic pets such as Zoomer pets have really taken off in recent years and some are made so good, that they emulate the sounds, motions and mannerisms of a real cat or dog, without the hassle of cleanup.  As one of the most popular Christmas gift ideas for 2015, robotic pets are gaining huge popularity in the senior community.

One of the hardest Christmas buys can be for a senior citizen, especially one that has everything they need.   If you are shopping for a loved one that lives in senior housing of some type, these are just a few of the gifts that can brighten their Christmas.