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Senior Awareness: 5 Signs of Dementia

One of the first things that family members notice on their senior loved ones is many of them being forgetful.   While many seniors have slight losses of memories, others slowly form dementia and maybe even Alzheimer’s disease.   While we are not medical experts, there are many signs that your family member may have signs of dementia.  Here are a few things that may be attributed to the onset of dementia in your loved one.

  1. dementiaHaving a difficult time remembering things.This is the most common and earliest sign that could lead to dementia. This includes names, events, or even dates. The person could be repeatedly asking the same question. People that notice this about them start to use reminder notes or calendars. They could forget things but then remember them maybe hours later. Many older people do tend to experience memory loss after the age of 40, which starts the signs of dementia.

    2. Having trouble solving problems and listening. Some people may experience difficulty following directions or solving problems in their daily life. This means facing problems with keeping track of monthly bills or following a recipe when trying to cook. It might take them a while to finish things that they could do quicker before. Their concentration might be affected as well. As people get older, their speed of learning slows down. This results in the brain not being able to function as good as it used to, especially for those who are doing a technical task.

    3. Having difficulty completing even the simplest tasks. Even if they may be doing the same task every day, they now suddenly need help. This could range from something as simple as turning on the TV, to not remembering how to tie their shoes. Sometimes they may have trouble going to a familiar location or flushing to toilet. The tasks that they used to do every day are now a hurdle for them. They may need someone to always be with them so that they could have assistance with everyday tasks.

    4. Being confused with the time or place. People with dementia can lose track of what day, time, or year it is. The person could be stuck in a past event in their lives, like thinking they are still living in WWII but it’s not happening anymore. They could possibly go to someplace and forget how they even got there or have unusual reasoning on how they could have gotten there.

    5. Misplacing things. They may put their keys down and one second later ask themselves where they put it. Sometimes, they might accuse others of stealing their item. They may need to retrace their steps to try to find where they put the item down, but have trouble doing that too because they can’t remember their steps. This may become a frequent problem over time.

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