As a provider of senior technology, one of the most important pieces of technology that we have seen pop up in the senior landscape over the last 20 years are senior alert systems.   A senior alert system is basically a type of technology that allows seniors to get medical help when in need. While there are many types of alert systems on the market, it is important to pick one that fits your needs.  Here is what to look for before investing in a senior alert system.

A Proven Name

senior-alert-systemIt is always wise to look for a proven name in the industry as those companies usually have the best background when it comes to providing senior alert system technology.  Here is a couple that we recommend.

Bay Alarm Medical- Based on countless reviews and customer experience we have found that Bay Alarm Medical is the #1 provider of medical alert systems for seniors.  Founded in 1946 this company has almost 70 years’ experience in the medical alert/ home security field.   With low monthly prices and excellent customer service, we highly recommend Bay Alarm Medical for those looking into buying one of these senior alert units.   Click here to visit their website and see what type of alarm best fits your needs.

ADT Medical Alert system-   ADT is the king of home security systems in the United States.   ADT alert system for seniors has grown tremendously in the last few years and has become a big portion of their overall business plan.   As far as quality and customer service, ADT Medical and Bay Alarm Medical are virtually identical.  We give the nod to Bay Alarm though because they charge much less than ADT and don’t require their customers to sign long-term contracts.


Another factor to look at is the type and quality of equipment that you will be purchasing for your senior alert system.  We recommend going with models that offer waterproof and durable equipment as many senior falls take place in the bathroom and shower.   Also look for ease of use as many companies try to complicate their alert system with needless buttons and extras.


If you choose a large company such as ADT, installation will be done by a technician that comes to your home.  If you choose a different model, be sure to have a relative help with the installation as many times these systems may be hard to setup for elderly patients.


Depending on the size of your home or apartment it will be wise to check the range of your device.   Also, if you have several levels it is wise to place your device in a central location to avoid any problems that may occur.   If you do gardening or yard work, make sure that you place your main unit within a close distance of where you will be working.

Investing in a senior alert system is a wise choice for those looking for more added protection for their loved one.   Every year thousands of seniors are left stranded at home when they fall or get hurt.   With a senior alert system, many agonizing hours on the floor can be saved.

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