As the number of long term care facilities has grown tremendously over the past 20 years, so has the competition to acquire residents.  One thing that has always been a problem in years past for many seniors staying inside at all times is fighting boredom.  To combat this more and more long term care facilities have invested wisely, by adding senior activities to daily life.

While nursing homes and long term care facilities in the past usually have a few board games, some cards and a centrally located TV, the newer facilities are becoming more state of the art.  Wireless Internet, computer labs, and a variety of classes are just some of the most common senior activities that we have seen pop up recently.

senior-activitiesSeniorTV is always on the cutting edge of technology and we are the #1 provider for TV, Internet and technology for Long Term Care facilities in the United States.  What we do is solve problems when it comes to coordinating or creating activities for seniors.  Below are 3 ways that we can help a LTC make daily life easier for all.

Computer Labs

Once only thought of as a “young mans” device, the modern day computer has been completely embraced by the senior community.  While almost all LTC facilities are now hooked up for the Internet, some have taken it a step further by building computer labs.  With the endless possibilities of the Internet, senior centers across America have found that the computer lab has become “The hangout” among the senior crowd.  With the availability of online courses for seniors on the rise,  many seniors are learning more than ever as they approach their golden years.

Custom Movie Channels

We invented the PlaybackNOW system a few years back after getting some negative feedback about the traditional “movie channels” always playing the same movies over and over again.  With that in mind we created the PlaybackNOW system.

The PlaybackNOW system lets the LTC facility control which movies play on a specific channel and when they play.  Now instead of sifting through many different channels hoping for a good movie, the senior center can play their own DVDs and stream it to everyone at a facility.  To learn more about everything our PlaybackNOW system has to offer click here to see all of the features.

Digital Messaging Systems

The hardest thing about coordinating many senior activities is that many of the folks in LTC facilities never know what activity happens at a certain time.  Random papers on bulletin boards are often overlooked or never seen by many patients as they rarely leave their room.  Seeing this as a huge issue we decided to create a custom Messaging system that could reach all residents.

The MessageNOW system is a way for the administrators at a LTC to provide a bulletin board and message center all in one.  The messaging system provides a communication medium that is easy for anyone to see and can be put anywhere on a campus.  The great thing that our customers love is not only the ease of use of the system, but also how easily they can make changes on the fly or add important updates any time of the day.

The need for interesting activities for seniors is a goal that we can help accomplish through SeniorTV.  While we are the #1 bulk cable TV provider to LTC facilities in America, we also offer many other technologies that can add to the overall value of a facility.    If you are interested in learning more about our PlaybackNow or MessageNow technology please give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.