As Nursing Homes and Senior Housing grow across the United States more and more facilities are adding a variety of activities for their residents.  While the technology boom has opened up many more opportunities for fun, many traditional nursing home activities have grown in popularity over the years.

Here is a list of our 5 favorite senior activities 2014.

  1. senior-center-2014 Gardening-   Gardening is not only a great way to relieve stress, but it gives many seniors a goal to work on a daily basis.  Much like when they took care of their children, gardening gives seniors something to nurture day in and day out.  Indoor garden therapy for assisted living centers and outdoor gardening for nursing homes are two that we have seen with great results in the senior facilities that we have worked at in 2014.  Gardening not only let’s patients nurture something of their own, but many work as a team to plant healthy vegetables to share with fellow residents in their facility.
  2. Smelling Activities- Dementia and Alzheimer’s are at an all-time high and one way senior facilities are working with their patients is by introducing smelling activities to them.  Many of these smelling activities will bring back a memory to a patient that may have forgotten.  Smelling is the most memorable scent and it has been known to help people with dementia remember things from their past.  Lauded by families of patients suffering from memory ailments, many patients use smell as a way to reconnect to love ones that they may not recognize by sight.
  3. Pet Therapy- Pet days at nursing homes are perhaps the happiest days for residents.  While a typical senior may go through several pets in their lifetime, most of them love animals and miss the chance of owning one.  Some senior facilities are going as far as owning their own pets, so that patients can visit them on a daily basis.  On average the joy on the faces of patients when they get to play with a cat or dog is perhaps the #1 senior activity for 2014.
  4. Internet Training-   This is one of our favorites at SeniorTV as we specialize in technology.  More and more seniors are not only getting trained on how to use the Internet, but how they can use that to find almost anything they want.  Check out our previous article on a list of our favorite senior websites to get a brief glimpse of some of the great sites for seniors.
  5. Video Games-   Something that we would have never imagined when we first started installing bulk cable in nursing homes is the installation of video game systems.  Popular interactive consoles such as the Wii U have been popping up in nursing homes all over the country as they give residents an easy way to play some of their favorite sports.

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