Now that we are using different hardware with the in-house channel computers and the DVD playback computers, the wiring has changed a bit. As always there will be two video outputs, one going to a computer monitor or KVM switch and one that will feed a channel modulator. Here are some pictures that show which connections will be used.

The first picture just shows a top-down view of the scan converters we are currently using.

The second picture shows where the power plugs into the scan converter. This model pulls power from your in-house or DVD playback computer through a USB connection. Just plug it into any available USB port on the computer. The red arrow points to two small white switches. These switches won’t be used, just make sure they are both flipped down. If one of these switches is flipped up, you won’t see any color on your in-house channel.

The next picture shows the VGA in port. This is the port that connects to the VGA port on the back of your in-house or DVD playback computer.

The last picture shows the RCA-out port. The other two ports next to it are not used. This is the output which feeds the channel modulator for your in-house or DVD playback channel.

The scan converters do have a menu button on the side. If this button is pushed, there will be a menu displayed on the screen that looks like this:

You will need to hit the menu button on the side of the scan converter to clear this menu from the screen.