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Retirement on a Budget: 5 Great Places to Retire for 2015

While some seniors never seem to retire, others are on the countdown until the day that they can retire.  When it comes to retirement, many folks want to leave the places that they called home and start off fresh in a new environment.   For the most part, these seniors will have to adjust to life on a smaller budget as they retire.  Taking cost of living in to account, we have created SeniorTV’s top 5 great places to retire list for 2015.

For Beach Lovers

great-place-to-retireOrmond Beach, Florida:  While Miami and Orlando are the favorite Florida spots for the younger crowd,  retirees are looking for the same beach feel without all the excess noise and partying that accompany the Miami environment.  Ormond Beach not only gives the beach feel, but does so at a great price.  With an average home price of around $110,000 this area is a very affordable “beach town” for those looking to live by a beach.  If you are into taking long, relaxing walks or just sitting by the beach Ormond is a great spot to try.

For Those Who Love the  Small Town College Feel

South Bend, Indiana:   Home of the University of Notre Dame, South Bend is one of the more popular places to retire in the Northeastern United States.  With low housing costs, minimal property taxes and an abundance of recreation for seniors, South Bend is a popular spot for seniors to move.  Many of the old housing units have been replaced with new affordable senior living throughout the city as more and more baby boomers are moving to South Bend permanently.

For Texas Lovers

Sherman, Texas:  Home of some of the best BBQ joints in the United States,  Texas has became a favorite for those looking to head to the Southwest upon retirement.  With the average home price being just a shade under $80,000 and a great economy spurred by many local businesses, more and more retirees are moving into the Sherman.  One great perk for those who enjoy being on the water, it that the Sherman area is surrounded by several nearby lakes that make for great fishing and boating.

For Those Who Just Want to Get Away

Pocatello, Idaho: After 30+ years of work, many people just want to get as far away as possible from the day in and day out of their normal life.   While most people don’t believe in Idaho as being a “retirement state” more and more people are moving there due to the relatively cheap housing rates, the beautiful mountains and the clean fresh air that Idaho can offer.   Idaho offers all four seasons and tons of outdoor activities for seniors.  One of the favorite perks is the skiing that is prevalent in the area as it is filled with smaller slopes than other famous ski towns such as Aspen and Boulder.

For Those Looking Into the Country

Greenville, SC:  Many Northerners want to try the exact opposite in life upon retirement as they go from big cities to small quiet towns.  One of the great places to retire down south is Greenville, SC located in the upper Northwestern corner of the state.  Many people love the combination that Greenville gives as it has a rural environment, combined with many shopping areas and restaurants.  The great thing about Greenville is that it is very cheap to live and there is no state tax on Social Security.