You can use a T-1, T-3, Metro Ethernet, cable modem or DSL.  A cable modem or DSL connection will provide better speeds than a T-1 (1.5Mbit) as well as being cheaper.

Typical pricing is $120 for business class cable modem, $80 for business class DSL and $400 for a T-1.

For the retirement home Internet service to work through the CMTS it will need a network connection that has to have a static IP address.  This static IP is necessary to remotely manage, upgrade and monitor the CMTS.

A router needs to be provided to the equipment and capable of port forwarding so the CMTS can be managed remotely.

These are the settings required on the router:

The LAN IP to be

DHCP turned off

All the following ports should be forwarded to the IP address of the CMTS which is by default

  • 80 – TCP: CMTS Web Management
  • 20  – TCP: CMTS FTP Server
  • 21  – TCP: CMTS FTP Server
  • 23  – TCP: CMTS Telnet Server
  • 161 – UDP: CMTS SNMP for monitoring