Due to popular demand by many of our facilities, SeniorTV has now entered the iPad accessories field by making available the iPad arm mount and an iPad flex mount to facilities nationwide.  Here is a brief overview on how these iPad mounting systems are used by senior residents.

Over the past 5 years the use of touch screen computers has skyrocketed in popularity mostly due to Apple’s introduction of the iPad.  The great thing about the iPad is that it is small and easy to use which makes it popular for kids and adults alike.  Because of its mobility and light weight, the iPad has become a favorite for elderly residents as they do not have to be seated at a desk to enjoy the Internet.

While the iPad is a great item it comes with one major drawback in that it is very easy to damage as the screen is easy to break.  Cracking an iPad screen is not only very easy to do, but the cost of getting it fixed by a repair service can run around $200 or almost half the cost of a new iPad.  With this mind, more and more companies have entered the iPad accessories market and are developing various ways to protect the iPad from breaking.

At SeniorTV we have taken this high risk of breakage into consideration and now offer two different iPad mounting systems that have become very popular in the nursing home/ assisted living setting.  With these systems, users are able to mount their iPads without fear of dropping or breaking them.

Here are the iPad Arm Mounts that we offer at SeniorTV

Flex Mount:   The flex mount has become a very popular choice among residents since its introduction last year.  Rated as one of the best iPad accessories for seniors, this device lets user’s wall mount or clamp mount their iPad to any surface or tabletop.  This is especially useful for those users who like the usefulness of a desk, without worrying about dropping or misplacing their iPad.

Articulating Arm Mount:  Our most popular model for seniors is the articulating arm mount.  The best feature about this product is that users can have the arm mount installed right next to their bed and don’t have to get up to use their iPad.   Much like the flex mount, the arm mount is a great option for those residents who have trouble handling or misplacing their iPad.  With this arm mount, residents can swing their iPad to their bed when they want to use it and push it back when they are done.  Also, both of these mounts enclose the iPad in a water resistant case so that any spills will not harm the computer.

ipad arm mount

Much like our satellite cable services, the iPad arm amount can be installed in your facility by one of our trained technicians.  If you are interested in finding out more about are arm mount or any other accessories that we have give us a call today at 1-800-890-7770.