Hi-Speed Internet & Wifi

Get you and your residents connected.

As low as $9.95/mo. per active user

Let SeniorTV connect your community.  We utilize all technologies to give you the most reliable service in the most convenient and cost-effective manner.  This can be an amenity offered for free or billed individually as a new revenue center.

SeniorTV makes internet access easy to deploy, economical and PROFITABLE.

Total campus coverage – within residents rooms and common areas.

One of our methods is to use the same ultra-fast and secure DOCSIS technology used by every major cable company. This allows 1-week deployment across an entire large campus or just 1 day within a single building. This provides both wireless and hardwired connectivity with privacy and speed. This solution is less expensive and more robust than typical “group wifi” and can handle speeds up to 500 MBps. Every resident has his own Personal Area Network and can utilize smart devices. Streaming? Bring it on!

Dedicated Internet Access via FIBEROPTIC Landline 100Mb, 250Mb, 500Mb, 1Gb Ask for a quotation.

Bulk billed or individual accounts

Because SeniorTV can invoice only for those residents that utilize service, senior communities maximize savings.