One of our most widely used products for seniors is the big button remote control.  Like many of our other products that we have designed, the big button remote has been implemented in Long Term Care facilities throughout the country due to demand from senior residents.  The problem with all the new TVs on the market is that they each come with a separate remote with a large amount of buttons that most residents never need.  We have simplified these remotes to have only a few of the main buttons that most residents need and eliminated the hard to use remote controls that comes with many of today’s televisions.big-button-remote

Here are some of the most important features of the Big Button Remote:

Elimination of useless buttons:  One of the main complaints that we get from nursing homes is, residents not being able to figure out the remote for their television.  While many of these features are nice to have on a television, most seniors only want to flip to their favorite program and turn the volume up or down as needed.  With this remote, the only buttons that are on the remote are the following:

–          Volume Up & Down

–          Channel Up & Down

–          On/Off

–          Mute

Easy to See:  We all know that one of the main health changes that come with age is worsening of vision.  With the elimination of useless buttons on the remote control, we were able to create the 6 buttons that we have on the remote to be much larger, thus providing a better remote for those who have trouble seeing.

Hard to Lose:  We have all been there at one time or another, searching around for a remote control for a long period of time.  The users have the option of strapping their remote control to their bed side rails to avoid the dropping or misplacement of their remote.  Traditional TV remotes are often small and slippery and can find their way into any crevice or crack of a bed.

Easy to Hold:  One of the main factors that we took into consideration when designing these remotes is the ease in which one could hold the remote.  We took into consideration all of the physical issues that a patient may have and picked a remote that is not only easy to hold, but also ergonomically designed to not stress patients that may suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or other hand problems.

Works on any TV:  One of the best features of our big button remote control is that they are easily programmable on any TV.  The problem we were seeing with many replacement remotes is that they were hard to program for a specific TV.  With the ease of programming, this remote lets users “set it and forget it” and never have to worry about programming the remote time and time again.

Like all of our products created at SeniorTV, the big button remote was built for the needs of our customers.  Taken into consideration the physical limitations that an elderly person may have, this remote has become one of our most popular items for nursing homes nationwide.