PlaybackNOW is designed to schedule DVDs to play unattended.  The output from the computer running this software will then go through a channel modulator that distributes it to across your commercial cable plant as a channel on your system.  There are a couple of easy to fix reasons why some DVDs will not play.

Setup tab

  1. If the DVD drive letters are not mapped properly. Make sure they are in alphabetical starting with the letter ‘D”. Look on the left side of the DVD tab for the drop-down boxes. If you have a 4-player PlaybackNOW system they should read D – E – F – G.  If you have the 8-player PlaybackNOW system they should read D – E – F – G – H – I – J – K
  2. If the VLC Path is incorrect. It should be: C:Program FilesVideoLANVLC.
  3. You can try to uncheck title mode (title mode attempts to determine the start of the movie based on the title with the most chapters, this doesn’t work well however with poorly formatted DVD’s and some older DVD’s).

The Schedule tab

Make sure the DVD players are all green.

The DVD tab

Make sure all the DVD drives are green and read Off.