The PlaybackNOW is the device that enables you to schedule automated playback of a DVD through a cable tv channel modulator and out to your community movie channel. This post will show you what this device looks like, and also a brief description of which connections you will be using.

Automated DVD Playback Hardware FrontAutomated DVD Playback Hardware Back

The first picture is the front of a PlaybackNOW 4. There are 2 USB ports and Microphone/Headphone jacks near the top. Below are the DVD drives marked Player 1 -Player 4

The bottom picture is the back of the PlaybackNOW 4 system. In the top left corner, there is the port where you plug in the power cord. The audio out port is marked with a blue box in the picture and has green input, this is where the sound comes out of the system.  There will be a cable that will run from this port to the cable tv channel modulator.  The green box in the picture marks the audio in port which has a blue input.  This is where you can plug in an external music source (XM radio, AM/FM tuner, MP3 player, iPod, etc…) to loop  through the system while not playing a movie.

The yellow box marks the “S-video” out port. This is where you will have a blue adapter plugged in. A cable will run from this adapter to the channel modulator.  The red box marks where you will plug a VGA cable in and run to a computer monitor.