While many companies like to talk up their products, we at SeniorTV choose our products based on real life case studies.  For instance when comparing Plasma vs LCD TVs we not only do extensive research on the products, but we actually like to get our hands on the actual products so that we can test out each product that we install.  With over 20 years in the private cable business we have installed hundreds of different types of TVs each with varying success.

plasma vs lcd

For the following TV comparison we were looking for a one on one comparison between our 55” LCD lobby TV versus a high quality 55” Plasma TV.  As an installer of TVs and cable in nursing homes and long term care facilities, we take our customers very serious.  With this in mind we have chosen to compare the following models over a month long series of tests.

Plasma vs. LCD TVs used

Plasma TV: 55″ Panasonic Viera Plasma TV


For this one on one comparison we used a variety of different categories based on the needs of our clientele.  While all clientele are not the same, we focus more on a senior audience which means picture clarity, sound and ease of use are very important factors when determining the best TV for our clients.  Below is a list of what we tested and our results.

Picture Clarity: Both of these TVs offer awesome picture clarity for their size.  With our tests we not only tested “regular” TV stations, but also tested a variety of shows and sporting events that were shown in High Definition (HD).  An added bonus with the Panasonic Plasma model is that it offered 3D television, but we did not feel like that was needed as we don’t offer that type of service at this time.  During the testing we tested both models over a series of weeks and tested them in different rooms and environments.  The LG LCD slightly edged out the Panasonic when it came to picture clarity from a distance of 10 feet and showed a much more obvious advantage when looked at from 20 feet or beyond.  Also, the reflection of lights was much more obvious on the Plasma model and it showed more clearly when displayed in a room that was fully lit up from sunlight.  At night both models compared very similar.

Advantage:  LCD TV

Audio: Both of these models offered decent sounds from the TV stations, but it seemed like the Plasma offered a slightly clearer audio presentation.  While both of these sounds are great for home use, each one of these systems could benefit from the use of some type of audio system added in to the speaker, especially if they are used in a very large room.  With this in mind, the Panasonic Plasma TV seemed to offer better audio from 10 feet away and is our winner for the best audio.

Advantage: Plasma TV

Ease of Use:  For the ease of use we tested a variety of subjects with the use of the remote control and the ability to navigate to different settings on the screen.  When testing with seniors we found that the LG LCD TV was not only very easy to use, but it was easy to transition from one screen to another.  Most subjects that took our tests were able to easily get from channel to channel and also to navigate to the use of a DVD player from the home screen.  The Panasonic Plasma is more of a “young persons” TV in our opinion as its added buttons and controls for 3D made it very difficult to navigate for many of our senior testers.

Advantage: LCD TV

Overall when comparing LCD vs Plasma it is best to choose based on the individuals needs or the business needs.  At SeniorTV we focus on providing low cost cable to a variety of different businesses in the senior citizen demographic.  With this in mind we feel that the LG LCD TV is the winner in the Plasma vs LCD TV competition.