While many families have no choice but to put a loved one in an Assisted Living Facility, it is always better to plan ahead if possible.  According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services  7 out of 10 seniors (age 65 and over) will need some form of assisted care during their life.  Couple this with the large number of baby boomers hitting this age group and you have a booming industry as these assisted living centers are being built at a rapid pace around the United States.

golden-yearsThe great thing about this is that now families have choices when choosing an assisted living spot for their loved one.  They are not tied down with picking one locally, because in most cities there are several.  With this in mind, we would like to give you an idea of what to look for in a Assisted Living in your area.

Recreation & Games: Social and Physical exercise is something that seniors need to not only stay physically healthy but mentally healthy.  It is a proven fact that both the body and the brain need exercise or they will decline.  When looking for a place to call home, make sure to ask for a list of the activities that they have on a weekly basis.  If they are things that you enjoy doing, you will have a much better chance of being happy.

Proximity: While you don’t have to be exactly in your same neighborhood, it is nice to try and find a facility that is at least a short drive away.  Family and friends are much more likely to visit you on a regular basis if you can find a nice facility within 20-30 minutes of your home.  With this being said, don’t give up some of the other things on this page, as you are the one that will be in this facility on a regular basis and it will have the most effect on your day to day life.

Internet and Technology: At SeniorTV technology is our specialty, so we are experts in the area.  With that being said, we have seen facilities that have all the new great technology and we have seen some that are still using dial up Internet service.  Two big ones that we focus on that we believe every Assisted Living should have is high speed Internet access and a variety of television stations.  This not only keeps you entertained, but also gives you the ability to reach out to your family and friends online whenever you need to throughout the day.

Spacious Living: One of the hardest things for a senior to do is to move from a large home that they have lived in for many years, to a cramped little living area.  Some seniors almost feel “imprisoned” in an environment where they don’t have much space.  Always have yourself or a family member go for an in-person view of the living area, as many facilities tend to only show the best rooms that they have online.

At SeniorTV our focus is seniors.  While we started off as a small cable TV provider to facilities and nursing homes, we have grown to a full technology company dedicated purely to seniors.  The goal of our articles is to share our knowledge of the industry and answer the questions for those in need.  If you have any other questions about what we offer or would like to speak to one of our service members that focus on Long Term Care facilities give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.