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Personal Safety Tips for Senior Citizens

At SeniorTV we are among the leaders of providing technology to a variety of businesses that focus on senior citizens.  Over the years one of the things that we find about seniors is that many of them often have trouble keeping safe as they age.   The problem with many senior citizens is that they are often naïve to technology and/or a variety of scams that have been targeted at seniors in recent years.   As these scams are on the rise, more and more seniors have fallen victim to crimes such as personal theft, burglary, identity theft and even assault.    It is important for senior s to stay safe as age comes with vulnerability.  Here are some of our personal safety tips for senior citizens that we feel can help seniors recognize when things might not go right.

Personal Safety at Home

securityDon’t Open Your Door to Strangers:   Why the majority of people that come door to door may be legit, there are still a number of strangers that are coming to do harm.   Usually with seniors this involves some sort of theft and a scam aimed at taking their money.  We advise seniors to keep doors locked and avoid opening doors, especially at night,  unless you have a group of younger family members over that could provide safety if necessary.

Keep Emergency Numbers and Your Cell Phone Close By:  While 911 is the default number for any emergency, it is wise to keep your cellular phone on you at all times while in your home.   Many seniors who are home alone will often trip and fall breaking bones and will not have the capability to contact someone as they are incapacitated.   It is wise to have your phone with you at all times when you are alone and have special emergency numbers programmed in case of a time of need.

Get Deterrents to Avoid Burglary:  The majority of burglaries take place when no one is home and this is the preferred option of someone that is looking to just steal from you.   All but a small number of burglars will enter homes that are occupied and even less will come into houses that have deterrents.   Fences, dogs and lighting around your home are three deterrents that no burglar wants to see and will cause many of them to avoid your house and choose an easier target.   If you don’t want a dog, we recommend arming your house with “Beware of Dog” signs and playing music or other deterrents in your home when you are gone to deter people from entering your home.

While Your Are Outside

Carry a Weapon of Choice:  While many people are pro guns and some are against, we won’t go into detail about the benefits and/or problems that come from owning a gun.  If you are pro gun and have a permit this is obviously the best choice possible.   If you do not own a gun or refuse to own a gun we recommend another weapon that you can carry with you at all times.   Large flashlights, pepper spray and walking sticks are just some of the most common senior citizen weapons.  Having one of these with you, especially when you are traveling out of town is a good idea in case you ever need it.

Avoid Cash if Possible:  The great thing about today’s society is that most businesses operate by credit or debit card.   This is good for the consumer, as many of us can get almost anything we want without having to carry loads of cash around.  If you are traveling we recommend only keeping a small amount of cash with you at all times and have a decoy credit card that you can give robbers if that situation ever occurs.

These are just a few of the personal safety tips for senior citizens that we recommend.  It is important for seniors to always be aware of their surroundings and keep a constant check on their finances as there are always people looking to prey on the elderly.