Opening any type of senior assisted living center facility will involve hundreds of little things that a team needs to do.  Because of different state and city regulations it is always wise to check locally first with anything that you may need.

opening-senior-assisted-living-centerAs far as planning for technology goes, it is important to create a game plan that best fits your residents.  Here are some tidbits that may help you plan for technology.

Cable TV:  When planning for cable TV it is important to choose a service that best fits what your customers wants.  SeniorTV is one of the few companies that offer choices tailored to the wants and needs of the facilities that we work in.  While local cable companies will often give the user hundreds of channels that they don’t want, SeniorTV provides customized programming to fit whatever the administrator wants.  Click here to check the current stations that we have to offer customers.

Wireless Internet:  More and more seniors are using Smart phones, tablets and laptops in their assisted living rooms on a daily basis.  While laptops are able to be plugged into an Internet connection, Smart phones and tablets need a wireless Internet signal to work.  Not only is it important to have a wireless signal, but it is necessary to have a good signal throughout the facility.

Planning where the modems and signal strength is not something that we recommend for novices as it takes a person familiar with Internet technology to plan communication the best.

Communication TVs:  One of the things that have been growing over the past few years is large flat screen TVs being used as a communication device in assisted living facilities.  Many patients in these facilities don’t leave their floor very often and it is best to have these TVs displayed throughout the facility so that the residents don’t miss out on important information.

SeniorTV offers a few different kind of communication TVs.  We offer the ability to place a large flat screen TV throughout facilities and also offer the MessageNow channel, which facilities can add to any TV in the facility, whether on the patients or on ones that the facility operates.

Phones:  More and more assisted living centers must plan for cellular technology to be available throughout their facility when they are planning for technology.  While newer facilities have little trouble with this, many older facilities must create new ways to allow cellular phone signals as many older buildings have trouble emitting signals within a facility.

Common Area Technology:  One of the biggest selling pieces that we have seen in facilities that are opening assisted living centers is that they create “meeting rooms” or “labs” with up to date technology.  Because potential residents have so many options with new living centers popping up on a daily basis, competition is higher than ever among facilities.  The facilities that are winning this battle are the ones who plan for technology the best and who offer the most to their residents.  Computer labs, multiple flat screen TVs, iPads, laptops and many other state of the art technology choices have separated many assisted living facilities as the best of the best due to their ability to address the technology needs of their clientele.