We mentioned in a previous article about the importance of doing your homework as a family or potential resident before making the process of moving into a nursing home.  The fact is that not all nursing homes look the same in a brochure or online as they function day to day.  We explained that when doing nursing home reviews there are several factors that a family needs to look into before making the jump forward into placement.

nursing-homeWhile we discussed the basics, we wanted to go more in depth on things to look for, warning signs and making the actual jump.  Below we will discuss these in detail.

Taking an in-depth look into a potential nursing home

One thing about online nursing home reviews is that they can also be biased or altered by companies that are trying to win over residents.  One of the newer marketing schemes in today’s “Internet world” is reputation management improvement.  Various companies offer packages to businesses to clean up or improve their online reputation.  Using fake accounts, companies that have a poor reputation or often able to offset their real world problems by paying a few hundred dollars to get fake reviews.  When searching for nursing home reviews it is wise to look at only legitimate sites and look for both “good reviews” and “bad reviews” when searching online as many problems will arise.

Warning Signs of a bad nursing home

While reputation management companies work to improve the online presence of specific nursing home, they cannot erase the problems of a nursing home.  It is wise to search online for complaints, problems and the actual occupancy rates of the nursing home that you are inquiring about.  Review sites might be the first thing that you see when doing an online search, but if you dig deeper into potential issues that a nursing home may have you will often find problems.  Lawsuits, health violations and bad reviews from different sites are just a few things that come up when a nursing home is not a favorable establishment.

Make the Jump to Residency

One thing that we always stress to our readers is to do an in person visit to any facility that you are interested in possibly moving in to.  On this visit there are many things to look for, but the main thing that we always advise is for resident to speak to the seniors that are actually currently living in the facility.  Most residents will not tell a lie one way or the other and will give an honest overview of their thoughts on an establishment.  Also, it is wise to speak to as many residents as possible as there are always negative people that are unhappy wherever they stay.


As a leader in the senior industry, SeniorTV’s news room gives seniors a place to look for anything that has to do with senior life.  Joining a nursing home or any other type of senior facility is a huge step forward for a person to make.  Getting nursing home reviews online is the first step in that journey, but it is wise to know the ins and outs of what to look for and how to avoid misleading reviews.  If you are interested in learning more about anything that has to do with the senior lifestyle, give us a call at 1-800-890-7770 or visit us online at http://www.seniortv.com/.