Nursing Home Alternatives

Over the years we at SeniorTV have seen a tremendous growth in the number of businesses that cater towards seniors.  The business of taking care of seniors has been on the upswing over the last decade.   With an increase in population, along with the average age increase on the rise, more and more services are being offered to those in need.  While nursing homes are still very high in demand, there are more and more nursing home alternatives that have gained popularity recently.   Today we will give you an overview of some of the more popular alternatives to the traditional nursing home.

Assisted Living Facilities

One of the most popular nursing home alternatives that have popped up in recent years are assisted living facilities.   Most assisted living facilities are places that help seniors deal with simple life tasks that they can no longer do on a regular basis.   Some of the most common things that assisted living units help are with groceries, medical pickup, laundry and other daily tasks that have become difficult for seniors.  Usually most assisted living facilities charge a monthly rent fee plus additional fees for any types of services that they may offer.

Home Carehome-care

More and more seniors wish to stay at their own home rather than live at an unfamiliar area.  While they do need assistance with daily living and chores, those who participate in home care can have help at their home.  Adult day care facilities are one of the most common forms of home care as they will come to a patient’s home for a set amount of hours each day to help them with their daily tasks.   Besides daily help, these types of organizations will also run errands for the seniors such as taking them to the store and to their medical trips.   Medicare & Medicaid often cover home care services for those who are required by their doctor.

Hospice Care

Palliative or Hospice care are usually options that are for those who are coming close to the end of their lives.  Typically, hospice care is for patients with a terminal illness and the care is provided at home by various experts depending on the circumstance.   Many times elderly individuals will leave a nursing home or long term care facility when they get very sick and end up in hospice care.   Palliative care on the other hand usually occurs at a hospital or medical facility as the patient’s home is not equipped with everything that is necessary to help them during their last few days.

Subsidized senior housing

For seniors on low incomes, there are subsidized senior housing establishments that are an option.  Many of these senior housing options offer laundry and shopping assistance and all of them have close relationships with local medical facilities.   Various government programs assist seniors in covering the costs of these houses as they are required to pay very little out of pocket.

At SeniorTV we stay on top of all senior news.  The above nursing home alternatives are all different facilities that we have seen growing over the past few years as the senior population continues to rise.