Senior Technology has come a long way over the past 10 years.  While many seniors ignored the popularity of the Internet in the 1990s, it has become the “go to” choice for those seniors living in nursing homes and long term care facilities around the United States.  With the boom in popularity have come many advances in technology over the past 20 years.  Listed below are 6 of the most popular choices for senior technology in 2014.

  1. senior-popular-technologyiPad-  The iPad has become one of the hottest pieces of technology in the last 5 years for senior citizens, much of it to do with ease of use.  ssWhile navigating around a PC has a learning curve, the iPad is an item that can just be picked up and played with because of all the “Apps” that it is capable of holding.  Seniors love iPads because of this ease of use and the ability to take it wherever they want.
  2. Skype-  The senior crowd that we deal with is in some type of nursing home or assisted living environment.  Many times this involves being far away from their family members.  Skype has become a very important tool for these seniors as it allows them to have “face to face” conversations with their family and friends.  Because of the era that they grew up in, many seniors prefer seeing the people that they are talking to rather than using an instant messenger or phone text.
  3. Smartphones-  From something that very seniors had over 10 years ago to almost a necessity now, the smartphone has evolved into a “must have” for people of all ages.  When it comes to senior technology 2014, the smartphone takes the cake as the most popular item on our list.  Today’s smartphones are mini-computers that have completely taken over the world.  Go to any nursing home facility in the world and you will see rooms of seniors that use their smartphones on a daily basis.
  4. Hearing Aids-  Large clunky hearing aids are things of the past as the more modern hearing aids have taken over.  Not only are the new hearing aids built much better than the old ones, but most of them are barely noticeable.  More and more seniors have embraced hearing aids now that they are small and stylish.
  5. Cable TV Channel Choices-  At SeniorTV this is one technology that we get the most positive feedback back from the nursing home and long term care facility administrators that we serve.  No more having to buy a large cable package with hundreds of channels that will never be used.  Instead nursing homes and LTC’s now have the option of getting wholesale cable TV that make surfing for popular TV shows much easier for their patients.  These wholesale choices let facilities choose their own cable package, rather than paying big bucks to the local cable company.
  6. GPS-  One thing that was extremely popular pre 2000 and was in the car of almost every senior citizen in America was various road maps.  Traveling from one destination to another was usually a disaster using these maps, as they were outdated and did not keep up with recent road changes.  This all changed in the 2000s when GPS became a popular piece of senior technology equipment.  Not only are portable GPS systems affordable, but they are easy to use for even the most technologically impaired person.

SeniorTV is the leader in technology for seniors.  Starting off as a small cable company that served nursing homes, we have grown to a national carrier of bulk cable TV, Internet and other technological devices to serve seniors living away from home.  If you are interested in learning more about the products that we offer, visit us online at or give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.