In order to fully use MessageNOW, you need to connect to the MessageNOW server for the facility.  Even if you are on the server computer itself, you will need to connect to it to make changes in the slideshow or scheduling.  Here are a few explanations on how to connect to the server if your connections are not set up.
The first thing you do is run MessageNOW, and click on connect to server.

Community Channel Server Connection

Next, a menu will pop up that asks you which connection to use. If yours are not set up, you will need to click add new connection.

Adding Community Channel Server Connection

If you are not on the server computer, for server URL, you put in the I.P. address of the computer that acts as your server. For server name you just enter whatever you decide to name the server. In this scenario, the server is the computer you are on. So in this case we will use localhost as the I.P. for the server URL. Next is server name, just put localhost in again.  The info for database connection is always the same, admin for the login and admin for the password. User authentication is also the same, admin for login and admin for password.

Community Channel Server Connection Form

Click OK, and the connection will be tested. If it is working, the circle next to it will be gray, but if it isn’t working the circle will be red. If it is gray, click inside the circle and it will fill it. This means you have selected that server. Click OK. You will see this screen pop up next.

Community Channel Main Slide Show

Just make sure the Main slide show is selected in the drop down menu, as shown in the picture. Click ok, and you will be connected to the server. MessageNOW will download your slideshow and display it on the bottom of the screen. After you are done setting up the connection and your slideshow has downloaded, disconnect from the server and exit MessageNOW so it will save your connection changes. Now next time you enter MessageNOW your connection will be in the list shown in the second picture. You’re all set up!