• Start Up
    1. To open the MessageNOW client double-click on the MessageNOW icon located on your desktop
    2. After opening, click Connect to Server to download your slideshow
    3. Click OK to select your system’s server
    4. Click OK to select your slide show (Main Slide Show)

Now your slideshow is open and your slides will display across the bottom of the screen

  • Create a Slide
    1. Click Add Slide on the top of the Slide Window
    2. Name the slide and select how many seconds the slide will play (duration)
    3. When you are finished editing your slide click Publish in the Slide Show window before adding more slides
  • Delete a Slide
    1. Select the slide to be deleted
    2. Right click the slide and select Delete Slide (or select Delete Selected from slide window)
    3. Click PUBLISH before moving on to another slide

  • Preview a Slide
    1. Click on the slide you would like to preview
    2. From the Slide window select Slide Preview

The slide will play for the allotted duration and with the selected animations

  • Add/Edit Scheduling (set your slide to play)
  1. Select the slide to be added to your show
  2. From the Slide window select Add Scheduling
  3. Select when you would like the slide to play and its duration
  4. Select OK to save the scheduling to the server

Slides can be made for future events and holidays and scheduled as needed per your calendar

  • Scheduling can only be added AFTER publishing the slide

To view a detailed calendar of when each slide will play click View Scheduling in the Slide Show window

Toolbox, Properties, & Animations

  • Slide Background (blank slide properties)
  1. To change the slide color from standard white to another color, click the Properties tab to the right of your slide
  2. The 6th option from the top is slide color, select your color and the entire slide background will change
  3. In the properties tab you can also create an input/output effect to the slide as it appears and changes (to see the effect you choose click on slide preview)
  • Add Image(s)
  1. Double-click Image in the Multimedia Objects tab in the Toolbox
  2. Select the drive and folder where your image is located
  3. Once the image is selected click Open
  4. You can now click, move, or drag your image to wherever you would like on the slide
  • Background Image
  1. Add an image to your slide
  2. Click, move, or drag the image to cover the entire background or just a portion depending on your slide
  3. Right-click the image and select Merge

The image will be merged with the slide background and cannot be edited without deleting the entire slide

  • Add Video
  1. Double-click Video in the Multimedia Objects tab in the Toolbox
  2. Select the file you would like to add and select Open

The video will upload to the server and play in full-screen with audio  –  REMEMBER TO PUBLISH!

  • Arrow, Ellipse, Rectangle, & Line
  1. In the Toolbox under Custom Objects click Arrow, Ellipse, Rectangle, or Line
  2. Move the mouse over the slide and click where to put the object
  3. You can click and drag the object to move or resize it on the slide
  4. While the object is highlighted click the Properties tab to customize that object
  • Text Box & Caption Balloon
  1. In the Toolbox under Custom Objects click Text or Balloon
  2. Move the mouse over the slide and click & drag to lay your text box on the slide
  3. To write within the Text or Balloon double click on the text box that you created
  • Changes to font, size, & color effect all the text in the box

4.   To customize the text-box click on the Properties tab while the text is selected

  • Animations
  • All objects can be customized to include an entrance and/or exit animation
  1. Select the object or box to animate
  2. Click on the Animation Manager tab
  3. Click Add Animation
  4. Select the name of the effect, when to perform the animation, and for how long

Each animation for the current slide will be listed in order under the Animation Order window