MessageNOW HD is the wide screen version of MessageNOW that is uses a ZeeVee 170 HD modulator to display messages on a facility’s in-house channel.  There are some differences between the normal MessageNOW and MessageNOW HD in how it is setup.

1.)  MessageNOW TV Output resolution should be set to 1216 x 684

2.)  The ZeeVee modulator should be set for VGA input with a resolution of 1216 x 684

3.)  The MessageNOW PC will connect to the ZeeVee modulator using the VGA output or DVI output on the video card

4.)  After the MessageNOW PC is connected to the ZeeVee modulator then on the PC you should be able to choose 1216 x 684 in the display settings.  This will only appear after the PC is connected to the ZeeVee, it is not available as a choice prior to that.

5.)  If upgrading from a standard definition version of MessageNOW than the MessageNOW Server needs to be uninstalled and then completely reinstalled.  Uninstall the database when uninstalling the server.  After install make sure the “slideshows” folder is removed from C:Program FilesMessageNOWMessageNOW Server

6.)  When installing MessageNOW Server when the dialog box comes up showing Config Utility, click on the second tab Advanced and choose Wide Screen and then 1216 for width and 684 for height.  Then click on Save Settings.