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Job Hunting for Seniors: Tips to Finding a Job for Senior Citizens

As the baby boomer generation has officially turned into the senior citizen generation, we have found that more senior citizens are working now than ever before.  Not only is retirement pay not as good as they were in the past, but more and more seniors are keeping an active lifestyle and enjoy the money that they make from working into their golden years.   At SeniorTV we not only believe that finding a job for senior citizens is great, we our one of the largest employers of senior citizens in our area, with over half of our staff being over the age of 65.   With that being said, we would like to help other seniors with their job search.  Here is SeniorTV’s job hunting for seniors list.


Improve Your Online Presence:   While many seniors still are very traditional when it comes to looking for a job, one thing that can really aid in their search is to create online profiles at places like Linkedin.   Linkedin is the premier website for employees looking for a new job and many companies will research and find hires through companies such as Linkedin.

Use Your Age as an Advantage:  Simply put, many companies don’t like or trust the new generation of students coming straight out of college.  Millennials as they are called are getting a reputation as not having a work ethic, drive or desire of their older counterparts.   One way to take advantage of this is to stress your work ethic, skills learned and other variables that will make you a valuable asset to a company looking to hire someone with these characteristics.

Expand Your Job Hunting:   The great thing about the Internet is that many people can get hired without ever leaving their home.   Almost every employer advertises jobs online and many of them will offer to interview you from the comfort of your own home.   If you are interested in applying for jobs that do not require driving around for days on end,  check job sites such as Monster to find jobs online or look at the specific company that you  are interested in to see what they have posted.

Be Open About Your Offers:   Many companies are often leery about hiring older employees as they will often see a rise in their health insurance premiums and do not know the physical capabilities of older adults.  Because of this many companies will offer only entry level part-time positions that may not be desirable.   If you are desperate this may be a good solution for you, but many companies will often promote a senior once they see that they are hard workers and in good health.

Try Something New:   The great thing about emerging technology is that it has opened careers for senior citizens that weren’t available 30-40 years ago when they were starting their careers.  Job hunting for seniors has opened the door for many new opportunities that seniors sometimes won’t try, but will often find that their previous skills relate very well to these jobs.

Being one of the largest employers of senior citizens in the Akron, Ohio area, we at SeniorTV believe that seniors are the best workers out there.   Job hunting for seniors has become easier due to emerging technologies and it has allowed more and more seniors to find a job that they enjoy well into their golden years.