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Investing in a Message Channel for Your Business

At SeniorTV we are at the cutting edge of technologies that are built to make your life easier.  One of the most popular items that we install is message channels.  Message channels are a great way to communicate among members of a business.  Let’s take a look deeper into how a message channel for business can help your business communicate.

A message channel is a way that two parties are able to communicate.  Simply put, they are a way for one end to receive or give information to another party.

How are they used by businesses?

Internal channels:

  • Face to face meetings: A common use for message channels is so that employees can have face to face meetings. They are important because they are more personal and allow employees to see the expression or look on someone’s face.  It is also important because it gives the employee a clear picture of who is talking and what they are saying.
  • Internal e-mails: A message channel can also be used for internal e-mails.
  • Newsletters/Memos: A business can use message channels as a way to make announcements to their employees. They can be beneficial for bigger businesses because it provides up-to-date information about the company and where the company is going.
  • Increased communication between managers and employees: Message channels can also benefit a business because they can be used for communication between managers and employees. These channels can be beneficial because they provide employees with an environment where they feel more comfortable when it comes to sharing their opinions.
  • Increase communication between peers: In addition to increasing communication between managers and employers, it can also increase communication among peers. This can help a business by creating a sense of community.  Everyone will feel like they are a part of something, and that they are a part of it together when they are interacting on the message channel.
  • Increases communication between managers: In bigger corporations, there are managers from different parts of the company.

The importance of message channels for your business:

The number one reason why message channels are beneficial for your business is because it increases, and makes communication more efficient.  As companies grow to bigger sizes with more employees, communication becomes harder.  There are parts of the company that may never see or interact with other employees in the company.  Here are some of the important factors that increase when communication is running smoothly in a business:

Trust and security: Your employees will trust other departments and feel a sense of security when it comes to working with other people in the company.  When communication is more efficient, they will feel less of a need to check with other departments for fact checks or to meet standards.  The employees will also feel more secure delegating tasks to employees if they have communicated with them, know who they are, and feel as though they are a part of a community with one another.

Customer Service: Another part of your business that will benefit from increased communication is customer service.  Your business will be better equipped to solve problems if there is solid communication between different departments.

Efficiency and productivity: Your business can also become more efficient if you have good communication.  For example, a customer service representative may be able to solve a problem faster if they have already communicated with a department and know who they should talk to and why.

Community: Communication within a business can also make employees feel as though they are a part of a bigger community.  The employees will start to work together, versus working against one another.  A sense of community can make employees enjoy their jobs more and be willing to help another out.

At SeniorTV we have seen how a private message channel can transform a business.  If you are interested in learning more about how a private message channel can help your business, please give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.