Is there Internet for seniors? This is one of the most popular questions that nursing homes are getting from families interested in their facilities.

Starting off in the late 1990s to present day the number of senior citizens using the Internet has grown tremendously.  Once thought of as only a product for younger people, the Internet has grown in popularity among senior citizens.  One reason that the Internet has become so popular among seniors is that there many different websites that not only target older people, but are built strictly for seniors.

One thing that is highly recommended for nursing homes is to implement some sort of senior computer training class or senior technology training program for their residence.  When implementing this program it is very important to be “hands on” with the training and to offer different levels of classes depending on the previous knowledge of the individual.  One trend an administrator will see is that the knowledge of residents interested in these classes can range from advanced user to not even knowing how to turn on a computer.internet for seniors

After learning how to get on the Internet it is important to get a device for browsing the Internet.  While a desktop PC is great for seniors here are a few alternative options that are easier to handle and portable.

iPad- Apple iPad 2
Kindle Fire- Kindle Fire

After teaching the basics of browsing the Internet to older adults. Users will want to browse the Internet for things that interest them.   Here are some of the most popular senior websites.

Games for seniors:  The majority of senior citizens enjoy playing games online.  Whether it is casino games, trivia games or just a simple arcade game, games for seniors not only help with hand-eye coordination, but they also keep adults entertained.  A recent study showed that over 1/3 (36%) of gamers aged 65 and older play games every day. Below are some of the most popular gaming sites for older adults.

General games-

Casino games-



Senior Communities:  As social media has become more and more popular, the number of seniors joining in the mix has grown dramatically.  Whether it is finding old friends or finding information online, the number of senior communities is on the rise.  Below are some of the most popular ways for seniors to interact with other seniors and talk to members of their family.





Senior Music:  While many seniors are still shy from the Internet and computers, one thing that they still love is their music.  Whether it is playing an instrument such as a digital piano or listening to their Golden Oldies, seniors love their music.  Here are three popular music sites that seniors are sure to love.

Sirius XM-

Tune In (Oldies)-

AOL Oldies Stations-

Senior Dating Sites:  One of the most common things that we see among seniors in nursing homes is the need for a friend or a companion.  The Internet has made it possible for divorcees, widows and senior citizens to find a companion online without ever having to leave the comforts of their room.  With various chat rooms and matching options, senior dating sites have become very popular in nursing homes.  Here are some popular dating sites for older adults.

Dating for seniors-

Senior Match-

E-Harmony for seniors-

Senior Friend Finder-

These are just a few of the many websites catered to seniors.   When opening a nursing home or any type of senior center it is almost a necessity to add Internet for seniors on your list of amenities.   Not only will providing this service be a great addition to your facility, but it also is a profitable venture for your facility.

At SeniorTV we specialize in providing high speed Internet to senior living facilities.  Starting as a senior satellite service provider, high speed Internet is on our list of services that we provide.  Call us today 1-800-890-7770 to see how adding Internet for seniors can help your facility grow.