There are many types of businesses that can benefit from the use of wholesale cable TV.  Any type of facility with a large number of rooms can benefit from buying their cable services wholesale from a reputable company.  Listed below are several ways how a company can benefit from this type of service.

Price- The biggest benefit of wholesale cable for your business is that it is more affordable than traditional cable options.  It has the potential to save you an abundance of money, especially if your business requires many rooms with televisions.  Purchasing wholesale can not only give your customer’s a cheaper price on their cable bill, but it can also provide a revenue stream for your company.  Many facilities provide television service to their customers at prices much lower than their local cable company, while still earning a steady monthly profit.

Customization- With wholesale cable options you are able to give your residents or customers exactly what they want to watch.  This can be especially beneficial for people who are catering to a specific group of people or demographic.  For instance if you are an administrator of a nursing home or assisted living community, you can hand pick channels that are suited for older adults, rather than wasting money on a “cable package” that provides many channels that your residents will never use.  One of the main reasons that customers love “wholesale television” is to avoid the confusion of hundreds of channels that they will never watch.

Control- The control which you have with providing in house TV services can definitely be beneficial for your business.  You will have the ability to reject or block risky television channels or shows.  This can be essential for people who operate around children or families.  You do not want to lose customers or offend someone because something inappropriate was shown on a television screen.  You can avoid this by setting up controls on your receivers to avoid certain types of channels that may offend your clients.

Customer Service- Another benefit of purchasing this type of service for your business needs is the great customer service that a private cable company can offer.  SeniorTV, a company who specializes in offering wholesale cable TV to nursing homes and other senior living centers, offers knowledgeable real life customer service at all hours of the day.   Customers not only have little wait for their issues, but all calls are answered by certified technicians, rather than call center workers, like the local cable company, who usually have no field or technical experience.

Avoid unnecessary costs- Even if you are not concerned about increasing your profits, you can still benefit from purchasing cable at wholesale prices.  You can avoid paying for something that your residents or customers have no interest in by only choosing channels that your customers are interested in and not packages full of unwatched channels.  When you save money in one area of your business, you have the ability to put the resources something that will add value to their experience.  Creating added value is the key to running a successful business if you are a for-profit business.  Making money in a business does not always mean spending more or spending less.  It is about knowing how to maximize what you are putting into the business.  With the ability to buy tv in bulk, rather than just sign up for local cable, facilities get a chance to fully control what costs are related to their satellite tv setup and avoid any unnecessary charges.

Customer Satisfaction- One of the biggest industries that can benefit from purchasing wholesale is those that are involved in hospitality.  Such businesses can include hotels, nursing homes, or anywhere else that requires customers to stay the night or live at the facility.  The benefit is that you can provide your customers with the channels that they are used to watching.  This can be especially rewarding for someone who was previously used to watching a set television show or program, i.e. an elderly person who has just entered the nursing home.  While nothing is quite like home for these residents, providing a comforting environment with TV shows that they enjoy will help make their stay a good one.

Purchasing wholesale cable TV services is a win-win situation for not only the business, but also their clients.   Not only are businesses able to have a monthly profit from their services, but they can also provide friendly customers service and full channel customization, which will keep all of their clients happy.