One of the most asked questions that we get is:  How can we go about showing movies to residents?  Whether it is a prison, long term care facility or a college campus the ability to control the movies shown based on the audience is a great feature for anyone with a private cable system.  After years of trying to solve this problem SeniorTV has come up with the PlaybackNOW system that lets gives a dedicated channel to play movies to their residents.  Here are some common questions that we get on this system.

How does it work?

PlaybackNOW is essentially a custom build computer connected to a dedicated channel with the ability to play DVDs at the control of the administration.  With this system the staff gets complete control of a customized movie channel and the ability to setup the channel for days at a time with a simple user interface.

What can I show?

Besides the 8 available DVD slots, the PlaybackNOW system has the capability of playing any movie file that your computer may have.  Many facilities not only use the PlaybackNOW system to play DVDs to their residents, but they also play fitness videos, chapel services, facility events and advertisements.

How many DVDs can I show?show movies

With this system, the person in charge is able to load up to 8 DVDs at a time in the system and setup the program to run at whatever time that they wish.  One popular option used by many nursing homes is to set up the movie channel to run the same 8 movies for a week with different show times, similar to how channels like HBO and Showtime do with their movies.  This option gives residents the chance to watch a movie that they may have missed earlier in the week.

Is it hard to operate?

Anyone who can turn on a PC can operate the PlaybackNOW system.  With an easy to use interface the DVD system gives the user the ability to program and play any movie that they wish to add to the system with a few clicks of their mouse.  Also, within the programming features, the user can set up a schedule and let the computer run the movies without ever having to load or unload DVDs.

What else can I do besides showing movies?

Besides showing any type of DVD that your clients may want to watch, PlaybackNOW gives the administrators the ability to display advertising or messages on the channels between movies.  This option is great to display messages that may be of interested to all residents or the ability to offer advertising to other local companies.

Do you offer support?

With the installation of this in-house movie channel, customers also can receive special one-on-one training with a qualified staff member to explain all of the features of the PlaybackNOW system.  Along with the initial training we offer 24/7 phone support from our staff and customer service for any problems or issues that may arise with your system.

Do we need a license to show movies?

Copyright laws require anyone showing movies to a large number of people to apply for a license from the Motion Picture License Corporation (MPLC).  At SeniorTV we have all the paperwork available for this license and handle this with the initial installation of your in-house movie channel.  The only requirements will be to pay a fee based on the size of your facility.

How long does installation take?

Whether you have a current commercial cable headend system or not, installation of the PlaybackNOW system is simple and can be completed in a few short days from initial contact to our company.

Overall the ability to show movies is a great feature no matter what type of facility that you may have.  Catering to your specific crowd and giving them television programs that they want was the idea behind SeniorTV’s PlaybackNOW system.  If you are interested in learning more about this product please visit our site at or call us today at 1-800-890-7770.