A question that we often get from our nursing homes and long term care facilities is- How to Lower Your Cable Bill?  While this answer varies depending on a number of factors, the one thing that is guaranteed is that signing up for Private Cable service for your facility will definitely lower your cable bill each and every month.

The Problem with the Cable Company

The problem with traditional cable companies is that they establish prices for businesses and these prices are pretty much set in stone throughout any industry that they handle.  Because they work with so many different types of businesses they charge the same prices for customers across the board.  So for example if you own a local tavern with 5 TVs, you will get charged approximately the same monthly fees per TV as a nursing home that has over 100 TVs.  At the cable company, your facility is just another account to them and they do little to accommodate the customer no matter what size they are.

Origins of SeniorTV

When we first went into business over 20 years we did it to fill a niche in the nursing home cable TV mhow to lower your cable billarket.  After doing some research we found out that facilities such as nursing homes, long term care facilities and other senior retirement homes were getting gauged with high prices by the local cable company.  With this in mind, we sought out a solution to help these organizations with this important service.   Our solution was to focus all of our efforts in providing service specifically to nursing homes and other senior communities and to provide these options at a much lower cost than the local cable company.

How to Lower Your Cable Bill SeniorTV style

At SeniorTV we provide a private commercial headend installation at your facility.  With this installation you are given the option to pick and choose the channels that you wish to add to your facility.  How this differs from the cable company is that you now cut out many of the unnecessary channels that are not of interest to your residents and you get to pick and choose the channels that are available to residents.

SeniorTV vs. Local Cable

Listed below is the average monthly programming cost when choosing SeniorTV vs Cable.  These numbers are a typical monthly cost for a 100 residents.  Adjust these accordingly depending on what type of facility or amount of TVs that you may need.  Remember this is purely an average and numbers do vary depending on your needs.

Cable TV Provider

# of Residents

Cost Per Resident

Monthly Bill





Local Cable




While these numbers vary depending on which package that you choose this is the difference in the prices based on the “average” package purchased for each facility.  As you can see cutting out approximately $10 per user will add up quickly.

The reasons SeniorTV can charge such low prices on a month to month basis is because of our distinction of being a DIRECTV authorized dealer.  As a wholesaler of commercial DIRECTV products we are able to purchase and distribute their programming at a very low price.

Other Benefits of SeniorTV

Besides providing a much lower monthly cost to consumers there are several other benefits to choosing SeniorTV.  Unlike the cable company we focus on providing cable TV service to nursing homes and other related facilities.  With over 20 years in the business we have a proven track record of installation and have installed over 1,700 private cable installations to our name.

For those who were wondering on how to lower your cable bill, you know have an answer.  If you are interested in learning more about our company or would like to talk to a sales person to learn more about SeniorTV, please visit our site at seniortv.com or give us a call at 1-800-890-7770.