Providing bulk internet services to a facility is a great way to generate money for your business.

How buying and providing this type of service can save your business bundles of money:

Costs: One of the biggest benefits of buying internet in bulk is that it can save your business a lot of money.  It is more affordable than a lot of the other internet options that are available on the market.  One of the industries that can save a ton of money from this service is businesses that have residents.  Such examples include nursing homes, rehab facilities or dormitories.

Options: Providing internet access in this way can also save your business money because it can give you options regarding how you have customers pay for the internet.  You could have an option that only allows guests to access the internet, or decide to offer it for a pay-per-use service.  With pay-per-use service, you have the ability to make money off of this option.  One of the common uses of this type of service is in the hotel industry.  It can be perfect for a low-cost hotel who is trying to maximize their resources.  It is more affordable to provide pay-per-use for internet versus offering free internet for everyone.

Who can benefit the most from pCommercial cable modem used for bulk interneturchasing bulk internet services for their business?

Businesses who have residents- College dorm rooms, apartment complexes, nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and more.

This alternative is also an affordable option for universities that have students living in the resident halls.  They will need access to the internet in order to do research, finish homework, and stay up-to-date with what is happening at the school.  Apartments can offer bulk services to their tenants as a way to stand out from other apartment competitors.  Because it is so affordable, you can include it in the rent and charge a higher monthly rate for rent.  Providing the patients at your nursing home internet is important because it can allow them to interact and communicate with their loved ones.  It can also allow the patient to feel as though they are at home.

One of the largest companies in providing bulk high speed internet services is SeniorTV.  Starting off as a commercial satellite cable provider to nursing homes and long term care facilities in the early 1990s, this company has added high speed internet services to its services.  Using your existing coaxial cabling, Senior TV will install a system that is capable of providing internet services to a large amount of different computers throughout your facility.  In turn, your company can not only provide residents with high speed internet access, but can generate a residual income stream by charging rates to each customer.   The great part about this is that these rates are still much lower then what a customer would pay for a dedicated line from an Internet service provider.

Common questions regarding this type of service:

Q) Why would a business choose to use internet in bulk quantities over traditional cable and internet?

A) Businesses decide to go with bulk because it is a more affordable option.  The business will also avoid annual costs that seem to get higher every year that they are using the service. Instead of losing money each month, businesses can generate revenue by provided a monthly fee to their users.

Q) Can you choose what you want to pay for?

Yes. One of the biggest cost savers about using bulk high speed internet and television is that you can choose the service and channels which you want.  This can be a big cost saver because it prevents you to pay for unnecessary things that are not adding value for your customers.

Q) Doesn’t the equipment cost more, making it more expensive than other options?

A) No, this is a common misconception about this type of internet and cable option.  Using an already existing connection you can divide your services to as many residents as you have depending on bandwidth, while only paying a small fee for the initial installation of services.

Buying bulk internet and providing it to your customers is a win-win situation for both you and your customers.  Not only do you get to offer high speed internet to your customers, but you get a revenue stream for your services.  If you own any type of residential services and are interested in this type of revenue stream, please contact SeniorTV today at 1-800-890-7770.