While many nursing homes are changing the way the operate to act as a more fun and entertaining environment for their clients, many of the people in nursing homes suffer from some form of senior depression.   Depression can come from many different aspects of living in a nursing home such as loss of a spouse or loved one,  loss of feeling at home and loss of their typical daily routine that they became use to.

avoid-senior-depressionSigns of depression in seniors can also come in many forms.  While some seniors are vocal about their depression some hold it inside and will not tell others.   If you see a senior at your nursing home become withdrawn from everyday activites, difficulty sleeping,  withdrawn or fatigue can all point to depression.

It is important for seniors to try and find a way out of depression, because the older you get the more likely that your depression can result in health problems or even early death if you don’t correct it.  Here are 5 ways that we recommend seniors to avoid depression.

  1. Exercise: Exercise is one of the best combatitives of depression.   Exercise is proven to release endorphins in the brain which help make seniors happy.   Not only this but the energy that working out gives to seniors helps them sleep more as there body is often tired from the physical activity.
  2. Avoid Alcohol or other “drugs”: Many people turn to alcohol and drugs as an out to their depression that they suffer.  While these both give a feelign of relief during that time period, afterwards the depression will often become worse.  In nursing homes, one of the biggest problems comes with patients and medications.  More and more seniors are using pain pills and other forms of medication as a way to combat depression and stress in their life.  Because of their ease of ability to get these drugs at a nursing home or other facility,  the black market pill sharing has become a huge problem at senior facilities around the United States.
  3. Get a New Hobby: Many seniors who are set in their ways of life, often avoid finding something new to spark their interest.  In a previous article we learned of many new activites that seniors are now doing more than every,  such things as playing video games and learning to play a guitar.  More and more seniors now than ever are finding a purpose in life and hobby that has helped them become happy and avoid depression.
  4. Find a Partner: Hands down the biggest form of depression for seniors is when they lose their spouse to death.  Often times a senior will go into a deep depression when they lose their soulmate and can barely do anything to overcome this.  Finding a different partner, who usually will also be a widow, is a great way to not only overcome depression, but to make your senior years the best years of your life.  More and more seniors are not only dating at nursing homes, but some are also getting married again before they pass away.
  5. Be Around People: Isolation is a huge problem for people with depression as they often have excess time to sit and think about their worst fears.  Being around others at their nursing home is a great way to avoid sulking in depression.  Join the activities and clubs that your nursing home offers and you will be surprised at how your level of happiness will rise.

Senior depression is a huge problem in nursing homes and other senior facilities around the world. If you know of anyone in your facility that is showing signs of depression or if you yourself are depressed, try these tips to see if this can help make you feel better.