One subject that isn’t mentioned much about is the amount of relationships that blossom inside nursing homes and long term care facilities.   Due to a variety of reasons, more and more seniors are not only finding love in their long term care facility, but some actually enter these facilities to find a companion.   Let’s take a look a little deeper into how senior living can improve a seniors dating life.

Couples that Find Love

senior-datingMany widows enter nursing homes and long term care facilities, often lonely and depressed from losing their lifelong companion.  While online dating is on the rise, many seniors still find this to be an issue and don’t trust the world of online dating.  The problem with many seniors is that they often cannot find others their own age in the “real world” and it isn’t until they meet up with others their age in a nursing home or long term care facility that they find love.

Because of the increase in activities and other group activities in senior living communities, seniors have many opportunities to meet others with the same interest and this is when love can blossom.   Besides the ability to meet and stay in the same building, a number of senior facilities offer hotel like suites that let the couples stay together during their stay.

Online Dating Sites

Besides meeting each other through activities and events at nursing homes, many seniors have found their partner through dating sites that they found while living in a senior living community.   Dating sites such as and  are just two of the most popular websites that seniors have been using in recent years to find each other.  Many of the newer, more state of the art senior living communities, offer training and reference for seniors to find love.

Some Tips to Improve Your Senior Dating Life

Now that we have explained how senior dating life is on the rise, we will give some simple ways for seniors in nursing homes to possibly find their partner while living in a senior community.

Be Social:  If you are one that is not comfortable being social, try to find different ways to get more involved in social circles inside of your senior facility.  Sign up for things that you might enjoy, talk to others that you are interested in,  and ask the staff members if they know of any other residents that may be single.

Get Online:  You don’t have anything to lose by signing up for an online dating site such as   The worst thing that can happen is that no one will message you and that is the same as how you are currently living.   Give it a shot and if you are too shy face to face, you may find that your social skills online may be your strength.

Try Someone Different:   Many widowers try to replace their former spouse by finding someone that is very much like that person who passed away.  We recommend trying something different and finding someone that is different than your spouse, but someone that you may have interest in spending time with.

It is important for seniors to enjoy their lives while spending time inside their senior living community.  For those who are lonely and looking for love, a nursing home or long term care facility may be the best place to improve your senior dating life.