Working with hundreds of businesses over the years, SeniorTV has become one of the few businesses that offer a “win-win” solution for businesses and their clientele.  As a provider of bulk DirecTV services, along with many other technological services, we offer businesses a chance to add a need to their business with little to no overhead on their part.

DirecTV COM1000When we started our business over 20 years ago we researched and developed a system of providing a niche to nursing homes and assisted living communities that was not met at the time.  While cable TV was in most nursing homes in the early 1990s, it usually required the clients to order the service on their own and it left the facility out of the equation.

Finding the Need

After working with a team of technicians in SeniorTV’s infancy, our CEO Rick Briggs found a niche in the industry where he could provide bulk DirecTV services to nursing homes and other related facilities at a low price.  The great thing about this product was that the facility was in control of these services and could include the service as part of the overall package that they offered to potential residents.

A Win-Win Situation

What makes this a “win-win” situation is that not only can SeniorTV provide custom services to a facility, but they can offer them at much lower prices due to the method of installation.  While traditional cable requires a dedicated line to each room and an account for each customer, bulk TV services through SeniorTV gives the entire facility a source to watch TV and at a lower price.  Because of the low prices that SeniorTV charges the facility, the facility can in turn charge a lower price to their clients as a result.

How it Works

Each facility consists of at least one cable “headend” unit and possibly more depending on the size and how many channels or customers that they may have.  Within the headend unit is a dedicated receiver or software program that gives the facility one channel per receiver.  All of these receivers are stored in a room at the facility, which then feeds the cable out to the individual rooms.

The great thing about this is that facilities can pick and choose the exact channels that they want and do not have to pay for any additional channels that are irrelevant to their population.  This is great because not only does a headend unit work in a nursing home environment, but it can be put into any type of facility which offers bulk cable to their clients.

Why Bulk DirecTV is such a great business idea

Ordering Bulk DirecTV is one of the only bills that companies can actually make a profit off of each month.  Due to the fact that SeniorTV can offer bulk cable services at such a low price, the facility can choose how they will bill their clients for this service. Many companies will roll this bill right into the monthly cost for residents, while others may charge it as an upgrade, either way both parties stay happy as it beats the high price tag that comes with a dedicated cable service.

As one can see the choice of choosing a bulk TV provider for their business is a good one, as it is a profitable venture in the long run. For those who would like to learn more about how bulk television services can help their company, please give us a call at 1-800-890-7770 and talk to one of our sales staff.