Television Service for Hospitals

Improve Your Channel Offering for Patient Delight

Customize your channel lineup for your patient mix and budget. Programming is often obtained from both satellite and local broadcast channels. This provides maximum value and signal reliability. You determine the channels you wish to offer and the amount you wish to spend. Our recommended channel lineups are loaded with the best channels patients want and organized so they are easy to find. With exceptional value in bulk premium movie channels, we can eliminate dependency on expensive a la carte movie services. A wider lineup can generally be provided for less than current cost and with better patient selections. That makes everyone happy from those inpatient to the finance department.

Cable TV content in the format you need

Headend systems may be used with or without content protection. We create the headend and delivery method to accommodate existing TV types in use or new installations. Content may be provided in either QAM for delivery over coax or IP for on a network. All formats are available including High and Standard definition and in High definition of Standard Definition QAM, IP or the new highly forgiving 16:9 new analog. Sometimes two standards are used simultaneously for an overlap period to accommodate a 2-6 month changeover over whereby older TVs would receive one type of signal and newer TVs another.

Solutions Offered

TV Programming: SeniorTV specializes in providing custom, commercial satellite TV programming to healthcare facilities, with savings averaging 50-70%!

Internet + Bandwidth: Using a new low-cost system with existing wiring within your building(s), SeniorTV can quickly deploy campus-wide Internet connectivity. Dedicated Internet Access via FIBEROPTIC landline 100Mb, 250Mb, 500Mb, 1Gb download speeds.

LED Televisions: Healthcare and Commercial grade TVs designed specifically for this industry. UL certification and industry designed features including A/B input remotes, volume control and pillow speaker compatibility.

Information Channel: This custom-designed information channel works with windows-based software to easily add images and text for a hospital’s daily, weekly, or monthly announcements.

Video File Server + Automated DVD Playback: This system allows Activity directors to schedule movies to play anytime, including nights and weekends.

Channel Guide: SeniorTV’s scrolling on-screen TV guide is the perfect complement to your new lineup! Customized to your exact channel listing with program description, name, movie titles, etc.

TV system wiring design, upgrades and troubleshooting

With the shift to digital QAM replacing outdated analog systems many properties may find wiring issues they never knew existed. Poor connectors, outdated coax cable, amplifiers which do not pass all frequencies, an unknown cable paths are typical. As renovations were made over the years or vendors and staff changed it is common to have lapses in documentation. Isolating problems can be challenging. Frequently no one really knows where every amplifies, splitter is located or how wiring is routed. Upgrading to a new digital system can be full of surprises but doesn’t have to be with advance planning. Systematic evaluation and troubleshooting is required in what sometimes can be a tedious process but necessary for the end result—crisp clear HD pictures that your patients will enjoy.

TV Sales and Installation

We work with most major UL approved medical grade and commercial television manufacturers. These include wall and ceiling mounted TVs and bedside swing arm, pending size and manufacture often the same mounts may be utilized.

How can we help?

  • Provide monthly cable TV programming service only
  • Assist with problem reception areas


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