The GuideNOW computer is the device that displays the channel and programming listings for your specific TV lineup. It will be located in one of your tall head-end racks most of the time, and it is a thin silver box. If you tune a TV to your in-house Guide channel and it shows the channel numbers but no listings, this is because the Guide channel requires an internet connection to function and your connection is either down or not working. The Guide computer will download seven days worth of channel listings at a time, so even if your I-net connection is down for up to seven days it will work.

The first thing to check is if the ethernet connection is plugged into the back of the Guide computer. Click the image below to see full size. The ethernet port is highlighted in yellow.

Second, check to see if any lights are blinking next to the port you plugged the ethernet cable into.

Third, flip open the small door (marked in yellow) on the front of the GuideNOW computer and there is a power switch.

If you flip the switch the GuideNOW will start shutting down. Once the GuideNOW has shut down and powered off, flipping the switch again will turn the GuideNOW back on.

We don’t configure the network settings on these computers, they are designed to be plug and play. If the ethernet connection is plugged in and you have tried rebooting the GuideNOW computer, the IT staff at your facility may have the internet connection locked down. You will need to get a hold of your IT department and let them know you need the internet connection to your GuideNOW computer.