For those looking into installing commercial cable into your retirement home or long term care facility we have provided and following article to explain the services that we offer at SeniorTV.  By far the most advanced cable installation for any private cable company is the retirement home cable installation.  Unlike any other private cable installation, providing cable for retirement homes is a complex installation only for the most advanced technicians.  Over 20 years ago we started installing cable in retirement homes and have since installed cable in over 2,000 nationwide.  For those looking to add cable to an existing home or a new retirement home, this article will provide a brief overview of your installation.Couple with bingo on TV

Retirement home vs. Traditional Cable Installation

For those of you familiar with the senior home/long term care facility field you know how each facility is different from the next.  Some of the many differences include various types of residents, different building structures and a wide variety of needs based on the clientele of the facility.  Many homes our targeted to a certain niche such as a religious affiliation, with this in mind the selection of channels for one facility might be totally different than the selection of channels in another facility due to these factors.

The SeniorTV Difference

One problem retirement home administrators often make is that they go with their first instinct when looking into adding cable to their retirement home.  They go with the cable they get at home or one that another business owner suggests.  The problem with this is without proper research, this key mistake will cost their business thousands in the long run and possible customers to their facility.  Listed below are several reasons why SeniorTV is the #1 choice in retirement home cable installation in the United States.

It’s Our Niche:  With over 20 years in this business and approaching 2,000 total installation we have made retirement homes and long term care facilities our specialty, hence the name “SeniorTV”.  Unlike the local cable company, we have done extensive research in this field and have built a line of products specific to senior’s needs.  Items such as hospital grade TVs, big button remote controls and iPad arm mounts are just a few of the products that we carry specifically for seniors.

24/7 Customer Service:  One thing that separates us from the local cable company is the customer service that we offer to our customers.  Unlike the local cable company, where you are often sent to a call center of unfriendly customer service reps or a computer recording, we offer service around the clock customer service from real live people.  With technicians on call 24 hours a day, any problem or question you may have will be answered quickly and promptly by an experienced member of our staff.

Lower Cable Bills:  On average our clients save between $10-15 per month, per resident on their monthly programming.  Because we our licensed as a commercial DIRECTV wholesaler, we get channels at much lower prices than the cable company.  For a more in depth look at this issue look at this article about our ways to lower your cable bill.

Customizable Packages:  Unlike the cable company, where you are forced to pick a “package” that best suits your needs, we offer custom cable channels based on the customer’s needs.  Let’s face it, we all have our favorite 20 or so channels that we watch on TV, and we are forced to browse through several hundred more that have little to no interest to us on a daily basis.  With SeniorTV, facilities can pick and choose their lineup and eliminate the channels that may be offensive or uninteresting to their residents.

Add-Ons:  One thing that separates us completely from the local cable company is our add-on services that are available to our customers.  The PlaybackNOW, GuideNOW and MessageNOW are all exclusive SeniorTV products and are available to all of our customers.  By clicking on the links associated with each of these add-ons, you can see the options that are available with our service.

I hope this guide to retirement home cable installation helped you learn a little more about the services that we offer.  With over 20 years in the business, we not only focus on retirement homes and long term care facilities, but we have built many products around improving their cable options for their residents.  If you are interested in learning more about how SeniorTV can transform your retirement home please give us a call today at 1-800-890-7770.