As more and more baby boomers reach the age of 65 and above, more young adults are becoming instant senior caregivers to help their loved ones.   While not all seniors require a caregiver, some just need assistance on finding their way to resources or other things that they need to help them with their day to day life.   Below is a quick guide to help those who have been thrown into a senior caregiver spot or for those who may become a senior caregiver one day.

Initial Meeting

It is important to have an initial meeting with all members of the immediate family and any close friends that may help when it comes to determining the needs of the senior in question.  In the meeting you will cover healthcare, finances,  transportation and many other things that has to do with the everyday life of the person in need.   Below we will cover each of these items.


senior-caregiverBecause more and more seniors lose their memory or have signs of dementia it is important for everyone to be on the same page as far as tending to the health of the individual.   Here are some things that should be documented and shared with one another.

  • Important phone numbers (doctors, hospitals, etc)
  • Prescriptions (prescriptions taken)
  • Medical history
  • Dietary needs

Besides discussing all of these issues it is important that the person in charge of the health go with the senior to their doctor at least once to talk with them about issues or problems that they may have.


It is important to get an inventory of what type of money the senior may have and what their monthly expenses will be on a regular basis.  Also, it is important to try and find assistance for those who need it.  Here are some financial things that are important to know.

  • SSI benefits
  • Monthly living expenses
  • Assets
  • Debts
  • Types of insurances
  • Mortgage
  • Taxes

One important note about taxes is that a loved one may qualify as a “qualifying relative” if they take care of a senior and this can be used as a write off.  Make sure to check with your tax professional to see what all the qualifications are for that title.

The Future for the Senior

As a senior caregiver it is important to get all of the current data on your loved one, but also prepare for the future.  Here are some things that you can look into once you have the initial meeting and game plan in place on who is doing what.

  • Future Living arrangements (nursing home, long term care facility, etc.)
  • Possible assistance available (Medicare, Obamacare, etc.)
  • Changes in finances
  • Changes that need to be made (housing, doctors, health issues, etc.)

Being a senior caregiver can sometimes be something that happens in the blink of an eye.  Whether it is from an accident, stroke or other medical issue, it is important to prepare for it the best way possible.   Knowing the senior and knowing the situation will help you become the best caregiver possible.

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