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Finding Your Second Career: The 7 Best Part-time Jobs for Senior Citizens in 2016

More and more senior citizens are entering back into the workforce after their retirement.  In fact, many of these seniors work so long at their second job that they manage a huge retirement from multiple sources.  In fact at SeniorTV we employ several seniors in their 80s and 90s who have joined our company late in life and been with us since the beginning.

The great thing about part-time jobs for senior citizens is that they can do the things they love, without stressing about the long hours or money as they already have a retirement check from their previous job.   Here are seven of the most popular part-time jobs for seniors.

senior-childcare-opportunitiesChildcare: For many senior citizens that enjoy taking care of children and being around young people, going into childcare part-time could be a great option. Many families are looking for experienced individuals that enjoy being around children. Senior citizens could either become a nanny or do freelance work on the side. This can provide someone with the opportunity to have flexible hours, and decent money, and also feel young by being around young kids all day.

Tutor: One of the more lucrative part-time jobs for seniors, especially those who are self-employed is private tutoring.  Tutors are frequently hired to help individuals do better academically or prepare for certain exams. They can be hired on a part-time basis by professional firms or can start their own business and find their own clients. Either way, it can be a very flexible part-time career option.

Accounting: Any senior citizen that spent their career in an accounting or tax preparation will have no problem finding a rewarding part time job after retirement. Retired accountants are frequently hired by tax preparation firms, accounting staffing firms, and private businesses to help with tax preparation or simple accounting work. While there are busier times of the year, retirees are normally provided a flexible schedule.

Consulting: Senior citizens that have recently retired from jobs and careers that they excel that and enjoyed could find consulting to be a great part-time option. Instead of being a full-time salaried employee, many senior citizens are able to find jobs in fields related to their careers while being hired as an independent contractor.

Real Estate: Senior citizens that have an interest in residential real estate could also consider becoming a part-time realtor. This can help a senior citizen work in a field that interest them while also allowing them to work their own schedule. Many major brokerage firms frequently seek out senior citizens, particularly those with some prior experience.

Camps:  Every summer thousands of children around the United States attend some type of camp.   Usually these camps are filled with days of fun outdoor activities supervised by young adults.  More and more senior citizens have joined these camps to help out with activites and also provide specialties in things they are good in.  If you love fishing, hiking or have a special skill there may be a spot in a local camp that is available for you too.

Substitute Teaching:   Many retired educators and other educated professionals like to give back to their community by becoming substitute teachers to their local school districts.  Many schools pay by the day and do not require teachers to come on a daily basis.   Schools that have teachers on extended medical leave may have long-term substitute positions available also,  which means that you can work anywhere from a couple of weeks to perhaps the whole school year being a teacher.