When building a resident based business such as a hotel or nursing home one of the first ways to save money is by finding the cheapest internet service possible.  The problem that many businesses have isn’t so much finding a cheap price for internet, but finding a legitimate and trusted company to provide the service.  One of the main problems with Internet installation is that it really isn’t a regulated business.  With this type of business, any guy with a truck and some technical knowledge can throw together a website or put an ad in the local newspaper and start their own “cable company”.  While some of these self-employed installers are great at what they do, there are many horror stories of self-employed  “cable guys”  that  have installed Internet access at a business and are never heard from again.  This is not only a bad way to do business, but can leave a business owner in a bind with an Internet problem that they cannot fix on their own. With this being said, it is important for any business looking to provide Internet service to look into getting quality service from a trusted company.

cheapest internet service

Here are some things to look for when searching an Internet access provider

Customer Service:  We all have been there before, the day we needed to e-mail something important or log onto a website and the Internet is down.  Just like any other form of communication, high speed Internet access has times where the Internet goes down for one reason or another.  While most of these are usually easy fixes, some require much more troubleshooting, this is where a good customer service department comes in.  This is the first thing that any business owner needs to look into before buying high speed internet, it the customer service of the company.  While most companies brag about customer service, the proof is in the ones that back it up.  The best advice we can give for business owners is to test out the customer service of each of your potential Internet providers.  Making an  anonymous call to a customer service line before purchasing your Internet access, is one way to measure response time, technical knowledge and overall helpfulness of the company that you are interested in buying Internet access from.

References:  One of the main problems with the Internet these days is that anyone with a little technical knowledge can create a great looking website.  For a couple hundred of dollars a local “cable guy” can advertise for having the “cheapest internet service” around and undercut many of the larger companies.  While this is good for the consumer, it always doesn’t equal good value.  One great way to judge the strength of a company is to get a list of references.  This should be one of the first conversations that you have with the company you are interested in purchasing high speed Internet from.  If the “cable company” is unable to provide you with a list of references and current customers, it might be a wise idea to look into a more legitimate company for your Internet services as the company is unproven.

Warranty:  Getting a written contract and warranty is pretty much “Business 101” when it comes to ordering services for your business.  Without a contract and warranty, it is impossible to have any written evidence of your services.  Also without a contract, your cheap Internet access may turn into an expensive Internet access from your cable company.  Outrageous price hikes and surcharges are one of most widely used tactics among some cable companies as they are always trying to squeeze the last buck out of their customers.  Legitimate companies will offer a detailed contract so that their customers know what they will be paying each and every month.

Overall finding the cheapest Internet service often comes with a price.  Poor customer service, unproven references and bad contracts are just some of the things that many unproven “cable companies” may give you.  The best advice we can give is to find a company with a proven track record of success and then call them to negotiate the best price you possibly can.