One of the first questions that any business looking into DIRECTV installation should do is pick a reputable company to do their install.  While there are thousands of small companies that do installs nationwide, there are only a few that backup their work with quality installers and great customer service.  A bad install can cost thousands of dollars of return service, call trips and down time from watching television.  As the fastest growing alternative to cable, satellite installation has become a very popular profession.  Here are some things that everyone interested in getting DIRECTV installation should check before moving forward.

Ask questions- Before you hire a company to do the installation process, you should ask them some simple questions.  Such questions could include what qualifies them to be able to properly install the equipment, or how much they are going to charge.  Any reputable company will be able to give you upfront pricing on their services and what these services entail.  If a company avoids giving you a ballpark price or will not explain their services upfront, it is time to pick another company that will do this for you.

Get Referrals- Any service company or person should be able to give you a list of references for previous work done.  While some newer companies may not have many references, established companies should have a list of businesses that they have worked with before and that can give an honest review of their work.  One of the best referrals you can get is from DIRECTV, as they can provide you with a list of authorized DIRECTV dealers that do installs.

Stay during the process- As a customer it is always best to schedule an install during times that your company is open.  Having a trusted employee around to give guidance to the installation team about where certain things are at and ask questions about equipment will help your business.  Keeping a staff member up to date with the install and how the system runs will help if there are ever any future problems with the system or questions that a customer may have.

Ask about customer service- Unfortunately like any type of cable service, satellite TV can come with problems.  While most of these are easy fixes, such as unplugging your commercial DIRECTV receiver box, there are some that require more work.  It is a necessity for anyone paying for satellite cable services to buy from a company that offers around the clock customer service.  If your receiver or dish goes out on a holiday or weekend, the company you buy from should have a technician on call to answer all your questions.  Some of the smaller satellite companies do not have this service and will not answer calls past normal business hours, which will cost you valuable time and money.

Things that You Should Do Before You Get DIRECTV Install:

1) Make rooms accessible- Pick the rooms that you want the DIRECTV receivers to go to and make those rooms accessible for your installers.

2) Disconnect any other electronics- Disconnect and move any electronics or old cable boxes that may get in the way of the installation process.  Your installers will appreciate this and it will make the install run much smoother.

3) Move TVs- If at all possible, move the televisions away from the walls.  This will make it easier for the installer to get to the connections.  It can also speed up the process and prevent the person from having to move your personal belongings.

4) Clear roof access- Lastly, you should make sure that your roof is as cleared off as possible.  This can make the installation process quicker and easier.

5) Find space for the cable headend rack- Any business with a large number of televisions will require one or more cable headend rack to run cable to all of their televisions. It is best to find a dry room to place these valuable headend racks in, as any type of water damage or excessive climate conditions could damage the equipment.

Finding quality commercial DIRECTV installation services is essential when adding programming to your business.  Not only will finding a quality company help you from any future headaches, but following the above guidelines will let your customers enjoy years of quality TV without any problems.