Freqently Asked Questions

Why doesn't my regional sports channels show the game?
  1.  Professional sports show on Regional Sport Networks are subject to blackouts.  If the game is not shown, check your local listing for the game on a different channel, likely a local network.
  2. Some Regional Sport Networks have minor channels (i.e 662-1, 662-2) that sometimes show the games.  If the game you wish to view is not being shown on the main network feed, it is likely being shown on one the minor channels offered by the network.
Why isn't there audio on a channel?

(Not sure why) If you are not receiving audio on your channel simply unplug your receiver for that channel for 15 seconds and then plug back in.  The hard reset should return audio.

Why does my picture quality not look like high definition?

If you are noticing a picture quality not comparable to HD, the equipment used to provide signal to your TVs is likely not High Definition. All satellite signal is received digitally from the DIRECTV satellite(s), but it is the hardware in place that determines what picture quality is viewed at the TV. Your system may be providing analog or standard definition digital to the TVs, a decision of equipment used made by the decision makers for your community. The good news, you have the option to upgrade your system with SeniorTV to improve the quality of service for residents. We even sell HDTVs designed for your residents.

How can I record or why is there no DVR?

If you do not currently have the option to use a DVR do not worry.  There are solutions available.  In many cases, you could purchase a compatible TiVo device and have full DVR services with your system. 

If your property/community is utilizing the DIRECTV Residential Experience and you do not have the ability to record, speak to your staff about contacting SeniorTV for options to use DVR services. 

Why do some of the TVs not receive all channels, or don’t display proper channel numbers?

SeniorTV uses sophisticated, commercial hardware to deliver signal.  When providing digital/HD signal “in-the-clear”, meaning unencrypted signal, some consumer TVs may not have a QAM tuner capable of receiving the in-the-clear signal and properly displaying it on the screen. There are no standards for consumer TVs and the parts they use because in most cases, an external cable box or satellite receiver is doing the tuning for the TV in a residential setting. SeniorTV recommends using commercial grade TVs or higher-level brands of consumer TVs, avoiding the off-brand TVs that likely use lower quality parts.  

Why can I not use online services of TV networks such as ESPN and AMC?

Streaming services require an individual account number to access.  SeniorTV is providing service in bulk, with the community having just one commercial account number.  Streaming services are not offered under this platform.  A residential account is required to use streaming functions for most programs.  However, some networks offer a-la-carte streaming packages.

Can I get an interactive program guide?

Interactive program guides are a function of an external, set-top box.  SeniorTV offers options for this functionality depending on the solution currently is use at the community.  SeniorTV also offers the GuideNOW on-screen channel guide.  This solution is a set channel on your line up that works as a reference guide.  It is customized to each individual property’s channel line up and shows programming information up to 2.5 hours in advance.

How do I go about getting the channels I want?

In most cases, the channel you want may be obtained by discussing programming options with the staff at the community.  They have the ability to choose if they can swap out programming for specific channel requests.   In some instances, your system may allow for you to have your own residential DIRECTV service. If this is the case, you can select any desired programming packages at retail rates.

Who should I call if I am having trouble with my TV?

For service related issues, please contact your community’s staff.  They may already be aware of the issue and in contact with SeniorTV for a resolution.