One of the first questions that we get from customers interested in our programming is:  What type of DIRECTV Sports Channels do you offer?  Working in the nursing home and long term care facility field, we have found out that senior citizens love their sports channels.  With this being said, we aim to provide the most popular sports channels available for our customers.  Below is a list of some of our most popular sports channels and a guide to some of the sports that are shown on these channels.

directv sports channels

ESPN Group

ESPN and its network of channels is by far are most popular sports package ordered by users.  With the current 2013 rates for the ESPN package being $4.95 per user, the ESPN package is by far the most popular sports package that we offer.  Led by the “Worldwide Leader” in sports ESPN, the network has expanded to 5 different sports channels that are currently offered.  Here is a list of the ESPN channels that we offer and a brief overview of each of these channels.

ESPN:  In the past 30 years ESPN has transformed itself from a small Connecticut based sports station, to the #1 sports channel in the world.  With the initial popularity of SportsCenter as its main attraction, ESPN has grown to be one of the “big boys” in the sports world by broadcasting large sporting events such as the NCAA football national title game, Monday Night Football and a host of other huge sporting events that were only once shown on NBC, ABC or CBS.

ESPN2: Much like the original ESPN, ESPN2 shows a wide variety of games and SportsCenter during the day.  While they don’t show the biggest sporting events like ESPN, they are filled with plenty of great NCAA football & basketball games throughout the year.  Also, during the time that ESPN shows major events, ESPN will show SportsCenter and keep sports fans up to date with sporting news worldwide.

ESPN Classic:  One of our most popular channels with seniors is ESPN Classic.  ESPN Classic is a channel fully dedicated to sporting events from the past.  Super Bowls, World Series, NBA Finals and old playoff games from every sport are on this channel around the clock.  Besides these games, ESPN Classic also has a host of shows interviewing retired players and getting their thoughts and views from some of the most memorable games of all-time.

ESPN News:  ESPN News is sports news around the clock.  Not only do they provide a ticker of ongoing sporting events on their channel, but they have a host of talk shows throughout the day discussing the most popular sports in the world.  Led by the popular sports talk show “Mike and Mike in the morning”, ESPN News has a host of popular sports shows throughout the day.

ESPN University:  ESPN University is ESPN’s channel dedicated solely to NCAA sports.  On this channel you will find a variety of college sports that were never previously broadcasted before the release of ESPN University.  Less popular sports such as lacrosse, tennis, gymnastics and wrestling are just some of the many college sports that are shown on ESPN University.

While the ESPN group is by far the most popular DIRECTV sports channels ordered from our customers, there are some other very popular channels that are very inexpensive.  Each of these channels listed below are currently available for .99 cents per user.  Some of these are only available in certain markets at the time and are subject to increase at any time.

Other Sports Channels

Regional Fox SportsRegional Fox Sports have gained steam in the last few years by providing dedicated sports channels to a specific region.  Each of these channels offer a variety of sporting events and shows revolving around favorite sports teams for a specific area of the country.  With a variety of major sports games televised and a host of sports talk shows dedicated to these teams, Fox Sports is our 2nd most popular sports channel behind the ESPN package.

Sports Time OhioSports Time Ohio is a channel available to our customers in most parts of Northern Ohio and the surrounding areas.  Based out of Cleveland, Sports Time Ohio is a channel dedicated to the Cleveland Browns, Indians and Cavaliers.  With local sports talk shows and many other shows based around Cleveland sports, Sports Time Ohio gets a huge following in this area.

Comcast (Chicago & California):  With DIRECTV’s recent agreement to broadcast Lakers games, Comcast is a popular choice along the West Coast.  Not only do they show the Los Angeles Lakers game, but they have a variety of shows dedicated to the Lakers.  Running a close second behind Comcast California, Comcast Sportsnet Chicago is a huge among fans of the Chicago area sports teams.  With a sports team in every major U.S. sport, Comcast Chicago has a huge number of customers in the Midwest.

Besides the channels listed above, SeniorTV offers several other DIRECTV sports channels and packages.  If you are interested in learning about these channels or any other channels that we offer, please give us a call today at 1-800-890-7770 or visit our website at