To receive DIRECTV® broadcast signals, your standard satellite dish must be correctly positioned. To receive HD service, a newer DIRECTV Slimline Dish is required.

If your satellite dish was installed prior to October 2005, you do not have a DIRECTV Slimline Dish. If you don’t remember when your dish was installed or if you’re just not sure that it is a 5-LNB, take a look at your dish and see if it matches either one of the images below.

Types of satellite dishes


The newest DIRECTV Slimline Dish can be identified by the thin horizontal LNB section (circled) and by the word “Slimline” (circled) written on the dish.



The earlier Slimline dish can be identified by the two separate LNB sections (circled). This design is sometimes referred to as the sidecar.

Installation Location
To receive DIRECTV programming, your retirement home needs a clear view of the southwestern sky, unblocked by trees or buildings. Most dishes are installed on a roof or on a post in the ground, but other arrangements can be made to accommodate your structure and preferences.

One dish
Most commercial DirecTV customers need just one dish, no matter how many residents you have.

Dish Size
There are six different DIRECTV dishes, which range in size from 18″ round to 36″ x 22″ oval.  The dish size we use generally depends on your location and the type of programming you choose.