1) DOOR PANEL, USB PORT – For future use.
2) POWER – Turns your DirecTV Plus Receiver on or off. Your DirecTV Plus Receiver
still records and receives messages when powered off.
3) REMOTE SENSOR – The infrared sensor picks up commands from the remote control.
4) GUIDE – Displays the onscreen program guide.
5) MENU – Brings up the Quick Menu to access settings and services.
6) RECORD – In live TV, records current program; in the Guide sets one-touch record for
highlighted program.
7) LIGHT RING – 12 blue lights indicate the current state of the DirecTV Plus Receiver.
Press and hold the LEFT and RIGHT arrows to dim and turn off the lights. (Repeat to
8) SELECT – Selects the item highlighted.
9) ARROWS – Move the onscreen highlight up, down, left or right.
10) ACTIVE – Displays the DirecTV Active Channel—local weather and more.
11) INFO – Displays channel banner or info to a highlighted program or channel cell.
12) DOOR PANEL – The access card slot and RESET key are located behind the door panel.